Moe Reversi Banned From Steam, Valve Doesn’t Provide Reason

Moe Reversi

Icharax’s Moe Reversi, a casual board game featuring moe school girls in a school setting where you play a game of reversi and if you win you’re rewarded with images of the girls in a state of undress, has been banned from Steam. According to SteamDB, the game was banned on January 9th, 2019.

The Steam store page has been removed, but there’s a Google cache archive that reveals that the game was marked as having mature content that included “nudity” or “sexual content”, and they did include the adult filter tags. However, it’s not true that the game was an R18+ title. The actual game does not contain any actual nudity, only some panty and bra shots of the girls, not unlike Gal*Gun. In fact, the concept is very much like Gal*Gun except it’s based on the game of reversi.

When I asked the developer about the adult filter tags, they confirmed that the only thing you get to see in the game are the girls in their underwear.

You can see the gameplay trailer below to get an idea of what the game is like.

I did reach out to the developer icharax, who mentioned that the game was in Valve’s review program for about two weeks before it was banned. Originally it was scheduled to release in January of 2019.

I asked if there was any reason given by Valve for banning the game even though it didn’t include any nudity. According to icharax, he states that no reason was given.

Part of the issue is that icharax mentioned that it’s difficult for a lot of Japanese developers to make inquiries to Valve due to not being able to speak English very well and articulate the content of the game. This has resulted in a lot of confusion for some developers in trying to get their game on Steam.

Unfortunately, this is the exact same sort of situation plaguing a lot of Japanese developers who have had to censor their games for the PS4 due to the censorship policies.

Icharax isn’t alone in having their game banned from Steam even though it contains no nudity. Hello, Goodbye also was indefinitely delayed even though it was the all-ages version of the game as well, along with The Key To Home.

Another game was also recently banned on Steam, too, called My Erotic Summer. The big difference was that it did contain adult content and it was removed from the platform. Some people have argued that it’s due to the games featuring lolis or shotas. According to some developers Valve is cracking down on games that feature “child exploitation” in “school” settings. However, some people questioned how games like Bully and Life is Strange have escaped this kind of censorship?

Some developers have also relayed that many of these bans have come from Valve’s product release manager, Jason Ruymen, and business development associate, Arisa Sudangnoi. So far Valve has not issued any public statements on changing the rules of what kind of content is allowed on the platform and what isn’t, leaving a lot of developers in the dark.

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