Netflix Reportedly Developing Resident Evil TV Series
Netflix Resident Evil

Netflix is reportedly developing a television series based on Capcom’s Resident Evil franchise, especially following on the success of Resident Evil 7 and the recently released Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Deadline supposedly got word from someone working on the upcoming project, which will debut across the streaming service at some point in the future.

Supposedly the series will be based more-so on Umbrella Corporation and the new world order that is established following the virus causing widespread panic and societal breakdown. I would assume this takes place after the events of the original trilogy, but they don’t offer up any details on the timeline of the story, only saying that it will include “action sequences” and “Easter eggs”, which is about as informative as telling an MMA fan that they can expect fisticuffs and competitors at at an upcoming event.

The TV series sounds like it’s in really early goings, but it will supposedly be tied to a potential new film reboot from Constantin Film, a German production outfit, which has hired in Johannes Roberts to write and direct a new series of Resident Evil films not tied to the six-part series from Paul W.S. Anderson starring Milla Jovovich.

While Netflix may certainly have the cash to throw around for a big budget adaptation of the B-movie style survival-horror franchise that Capcom has made popular since the late 1990s, the company is notorious for diving deep into Leftist politics as a company that likes to produce “woke” material, such as the film Bird Box or the She-Ra reboot.

One can only imagine what they would do to Resident Evil, whether that be turning Leon Kennedy or Chris Redfield black, or making Jill Valentine or Ada Wong into a man-hating lesbian.

The current butchery taking place with the Netflix TV adaptation of The Witcher has left a lot of hardcore gamers and Polish fans absolutely distraught and disgusted with the sociopolitical agendas that Netflix is adopting for the beloved franchise. One can only expect something similar from the streaming company’s upcoming Resident Evil series.


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