Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego Trailer Puts Carmen On Pants, Turns Her Into An Anti-Villain
Carmen Sandiego

Netflix released the full trailer for the reboot of Carmen Sandiego, which stars Gina Rodriguez from the CW show Jane The Virgin and Netflix’s other animated show, Big Mouth.

The near two minute trailer details how instead of being a world-renown thief out to capture iconic historical monuments, relics, and trinkets from the far corners of the globe, the high-tech, gadget-wielding thief is now fulfilling the role of an anti-villain instead of being a straight-up villain.

The show starts with Carmen when she’s younger, having joined the evil organization V.I.L.E., to become an expert thief. However, she fails the final step of training when she’s unwilling to take a life, which leads her to battling against the members of V.I.L.E. She doesn’t quite do a face turn, though, because instead of being a typical villain who turns into a hero on a redemption arc, Carmen resorts to using the gadgets, gear, and skills as a thief to steal from V.I.L.E.

As is usual for all of the latest shows featuring female leads, this iteration of Carmen Sandiego knows kung-fu, has a smart mouth, and is typically empowered with all of the feminist tropes that has overtaken nearly every single aspect of entertainment. She’s also more like a spy than a femme fatale, as evident with her Kim Possible-getup, ditching the iconic red high heels and skirt for a full black bodysuit, because Leftists hate female sexuality and feminine qualities like sexy legs and fashionable clothing.

Her mature and sophisticated charm that inclined viewers to see her as both alluring and smart is replaced with the standard-fare third-wave feminist traits that make people grit their teeth and pluck at their eyes like single young dandies witnessing a tattooed up lard beast stripping down to a micro-kini at the Santa Monica beach.

Also, the refined gait of an older, wiser, Carmen has been replaced with a millennial-aged girl who grates at the nerves, since Liberal content creators at Netflix don’t know how to write characters above the mental age of gender studies college graduate. She’s also been paired with some minority teammates including an Asian wiz-kid who’s good with computers, much like Kim Possible. This means she’s no longer the main antagonist, but rather the main heroine of this show, opposite of the old 1990s cartoon that was based on the video game and live-action game show called Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego.

Typically the fans of shows like Kim Possible are already all-in on Netflix’s reboot. But it was obvious that given Netflix’s Leftist political stance and need to continually push their propaganda at the forefront of their shows, they would never actually adhere to the original lore of Carmen Sandiego by making her the villain that she was always supposed to be.


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