Nutaku’s Boob-Based Game Console For $169.99 Is Already Sold Out
Nutaku Game Console

Nutaku has announced that they have a new sexy-time console that is designed to give gamers an opportunity to play their favorite Nutaku-based games from a boob. No really, you can play your favorite adult games with a console that looks like a nipple.

The console launched recently but it sold out immediately. When they have more back in stock you’ll be able to purchase one from the Nutaku storefront for $169.99.

The silicone-covered shell features a flesh-colored boob with a nipple on top. The cool part about it is that the nipple works as the power switch. You press that bad boy in and “pop” goes your console… well, technically the power just turns out. I’m sure other things will be “popping” and “dropping” (or dripping) once you start playing your Nutaku game collection.

The console comes with two USB ports, an audio jack, an external power supply, wireless internet connection support, and a selection of pre-installed free-to-play and premium adult games.

The company also released a three minute video detailing how the console was made in the workshop, and the lengthy process of bringing that boob to life.

Who knew that creating such a dynamic boob required that much dedication and work?

Hey, if those 1,000 fired journalists can’t find work writing elsewhere and are unable to learn the skill-based art of coding, maybe they can learn to make boobs? Boobs seem to make a lot of money. Boobs or bust, am I right?

The console itself grants gamers easy access to over 200 games from Nutaku’s library, making it easy to play and enjoy your favorite games from the comfort of your oppai-shaped gaming device.

Nutaku Progressive Game Console

I don’t know if it will be worth the $169.99, given that I’m sure a lot of people would prefer paying little more than $69.99 for it, but the shape of the console and the design quality will probably make it a collector’s item for some lewd-loving gamers.

As soon as the console comes back in stock, you’ll be able to pick one up from the Nutaku storefront.


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