Onechanbara Origin Headed To PS4 With New Cel-Shaded Look
Onechanbara Origin

In this day and age where censorship is running rampant across gaming platforms, and no creative work is safe, one would think that a game series like Onechanbara would be permanently shelved until the wave of political correctness is over, but D3 Publisher seems intent on challenging the status quo.

New images were recently released for Onechanbara Origin, which is a remake of the original Tamsoft hack-and-slash title for the PlayStation 4. In the images posted up over on Famitsu, a new character was revealed named Rei.

Onechanbara Origin - Rei

According to BlackKite, the blog site Ryokutya2089, the character Rei is a “corpse soul hunter” (better known in the West as a zombie hunter) who will be voiced by Yū Kobayashi.

Rei provides an information store for gamers and apparently has sisters, but Ryo’s blog mentions that Rei apparently doesn’t have a good relationship with her sisters, or rather it’s the opposite of “excellent”. However, Ryo notes that he won’t be speculating on the details of the relationship in the post.

There’s also a brief mention that the remake of the original game is also utilizing a brand new animation style.

Onechanbara Origin - Aya and Saki

Apparently the new game will have a cel-shaded look, which was demonstrated in the new batch of screenshots that were made available for the fan-service heavy hack-and-slash title.

Several of the environments and some of the combat were previewed, which were compiled into a quick promo video from YouTube outlet Quest Gaming TV.

You can check out the other screenshots below, featuring Aya, Saki, and some of the revamped locations that you’ll be visiting.

It’s a shame that D3 Publisher didn’t decide to focus on the Nintendo Switch, since it’s always risky putting time and energy into a title for release on the PS4 only for it to somehow get hit, impeded, obstructed, or blocked due to Sony’s censorship policies.

Anyway, we’ll see if D3 can manage to get the game up and out without resorting to censoring any content when the game releases on the PS4.

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