Operencia: The Stolen Sun Will Not Hit Steam, Will Be Exclusive To Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store is looking to extend its library of playable titles by poaching Steam games through a tactic called “timed exclusives” or “exclusives.” This deal holds PC games from the giant that is Steam not for a week, not six months, but for an entire year or forever. Well, it looks like Zen Studios up and coming RPG, Operencia: The Stolen Sun, will no longer launch this year on Steam due to this exclusive deal with Epic Game Store.

The growing trend of timed exclusives that Epic Game Store is building up has really kicked-off this week. The trend even exposed the devs behind Metro: Exodus shady practice by contradicting something that THQ Nordic had said back in 2018 on Twitter:

Pulling the same card as the devs behind Metro: Exodus comes that of Zen Studios and Operencia: The Stolen Sun. In 2018, the lead writer, Chris Baker, noted that the game is coming to PC via Steam in 2019.

This would be false as of now when Zen Studios took to a blog post on January 30th, 2019, to relay the following on Twitter:

Whether or not you have heard of this first-person, old-school, dungeon crawler RPG do know that a dedicated number of gamers were actually looking forward to this game. We know this due to the number of people displeased with the Epic Game Store exclusive deal over on the title’s Steam community page.

From here on out, don’t be shocked if more titles pop up throughout the month of February and beyond jumping on the timed or exclusive train to only abandoned people who waited patiently for a (un)finished product to be held captive by an exclusive partnership.

Lastly, whether you love or hate Metro: Exodus or Operencia: The Stolen Sun, if you game on PC via Steam and haven’t pre-order the former title look to gain access to it sometime in 2020 and the latter is out of the question for said platform.


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