Panty Party Heads To The Nintendo Switch This Spring With English Support, 4-Player Modes
Panty Party

The third-person action shooter, Panty Party, from Animu Game will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch starting at some point in the spring.

According to Gematsu, the 3D action title will be available from the Nintendo eShop for 1,500 yen. Now just because ti will be available from the Japanese eShop doesn’t mean you can’t buy it even if you aren’t in Japan. According to the developers, the game will support different languages, including Russian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Norwegian, Finnish, Turkish, Ukrainian, both simplified and traditional Chinese, Korean, and English.

So if you load up your profile with Nintendo eShop credit (which you can do with a number of payment options, including PayPal), and then go into the Nintendo profile home settings on the official Nintendo website, you can change your region to Japan, purchase the game from the eShop and then play it in English. It’s literally that simple to purchase games internationally for the Switch.

As for Panty Party, the game is not an H-game. Animu Game makes it clear it contains no lewd content. However, it does feature plenty of hijinks and hilarity themed around the Japanese fetish for school girl panties.

You can check out the trailer for the game below to get an idea of how the gameplay operates.

It’s a pretty ridiculous premise, but it sports fast-paced dance music, different color panties, a story themed around a “Warrior of Love” and various battle arenas based around a urban city environment.

Each set of panties have different kinds of attributes and skills, so you’ll need to find a pair that best suits your play-style. According to Nintendeal, the Switch version of the game will include Switch exclusive features.

According to the official website, the new features includes all new pairs of panties with different abilities. There’s also support for four-player versus battles for those of you who enjoy local multiplayer support.

Obviously you probably won’t be seeing many fan-service inspired games like this on the PlayStation consoles for much longer given the Sony censorship policy, but on the upside gamers can still find a healthy dose of lewd-like games (and actual softcore porn) on the Nintendo Switch.

You can grab a digital copy of Panty Party right now for PC from the Steam store, or you can look for the game to become available on the Switch this spring.

(Thanks for the news tip zac za and Animatic)


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