Patreon Admonished For Not Banning User For Associating With Animal Exploitation Groups

Everfire - Pluto Bestiality

A user on Patreon going by the handle of Everfire produces pornographic material for her followers. It was discovered that some of that material includes drawings of bestiality, a kind of pornography that Patreon supposedly prohibited back in October of 2017 when they updated their user content policies. They explicitly stated…

”As part of updating the Community Guidelines, we’re taking a clearer stance on some fringe areas of Adult Content. […]


“[…] With today’s update, we’re also being more clear about specific categories of fictional erotic content that Patreon cannot be used to support (including incest, bestiality, sexual depiction of minors, and suggestive sexual violence).”

Various content creators had their channels shut down and banned, including the very popular content creator StudioFOW for violating Patreon’s new terms of service. But apparently not everyone is being banned for said violation, as evident with the fact that Everfire’s Patreon account is still active as of the publishing of this article on January 18th, 2019.

One Twitter user, going by the handle Detective Cole Phelps, has been trying to get the attention of Patreon to address Everfire and her attachment to zoophilia groups and animal exploitation, including bestiality porn.

Detective Phelps has a lengthy Twitter thread about various bestiality forms that have supposedly been linked to sexual animal abuse. One such forum he links to is Beast Forum, which posted up a thread on January 14th, 2019 indicating that they would be shutting down on February 15th, 2019, along with Pet Sex, Gay Beast, Animal Flix, Barn Love, and various other bestiality and zoophilia sites.

According to Phelps’ Twitter thread the shut down is in the wake of the forums running out of funds to host the content. He mentions that the users bounce around from one community to another and are oftentimes associated with sexual animal abuse.

However, things take a turn from investigating the bestiality forum shut downs, to asking Patreon to shut down the Everfire account for being associated with the Beast Forum community.

The tweet was posted on January 14th, 2019. According to Phelps, Patreon acknowledged the account on January 15th, 2019.

The thread points to Everfire being part of Zoosadist community, and also acknowledging that some of them are her patrons on the crowdfunded platform.

If you’re unable to read the thread, it states…

“Let’s stick together!!! I’D LOVE to have you gals and guys as my patrons. Many of you already are. I’m STILL one of the only Western artists making beasty pics. I’M STILL making beasty art/comics etc. as well as other naughty erotic comics and art for adults the porn industry wont allow. Like my PUREBRED MAGAZINE and the NEW DAWN.
Still making dog/horse etc pics and comics which appeal to the female mind erotically. […]”

The post is signed “vernir” but in parenthesis the Patreon username “EVERFIRE” is used.

Now according to the Patreon page, there’s no actual real-life zoophilia being published, posted, or photographed by Everfire, just drawn images. However, Phelps points out that Everfire is thoroughly affiliated with online communities associated with sexually abusing animals.

Now according to Phelps, the issue was that Patreon seemed to come down hard on people like Jihad Watch and Sargon of Akkad for breaching community guidelines and using “hate speech”, as reported by Breitbart.

There was also the case of Lauren Southern being banned from Patreon for going out on the coast and filming boats allegedly bringing illegal immigrants into Europe. What’s interesting is that according to Canada Land Show, it wasn’t just Southern’s actions going out on the coast to spot illegal immigrants that resulted in the ban, it was debated about whether her association with groups deemed as “far right activists” led to the ban instead.

Phelps felt it was a violation of “trust” from Patreon’s end that they would target content creators like Sargon of Akkad, but allow people like Everfire on the platform, writing…

“I find this a very huge trust issue when a person who is committing at the very least a misdemeanor here in the US is allowed to maintain their account while [Sargon is] booted”

Now, some people might say that even though Everfire isn’t producing actual zoophile sadism on her account, she is associated with that content by proxy of community affiliation. And, according to Patreon’s own rules, off-site behavior dictates on-site bans, which is precisely how Sargon got booted from Patreon when he used language they deemed “hate speech” on someone else’s podcast.

The question is, will Patreon actually uphold their own community standards and ban someone for violating the rules? Or will they make up an excuse or reason why certain forms of off-site behavior that violate the law are okay, but why violating their own community policies off-site warrant a permanent ban?

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