Punch Line, Visual Novel Filled With Pantsu Set To Release On Steam In 2019
Punchline Upskirt

PQube announced that the game based on the anime Punch Line, will be making its way to PC via Steam later on in 2019 courtesy of MAGES Inc.

The game shouldn’t be confused with the other comic book called Punchline: Blood Sisters, which is an American ryona comic that was crowdfunded courtesy of #ComicsGate last summer. In the game Punch Line it’s very similar to the #GamerGate game Afterlife Empire, which is still available over on the Steam store for $4.99.

Punch Line sees players in the role of a dude named Yūta who ends up becoming a ghost and must save the world by stopping terrorists, solving mysteries, and not seeing too many panties. Yes, this game is all about the pantsu, and unlike Pantsu Hunter: Back to the 90s, which teased the concept of upskirt shorts but never delivered, Punch Line delivers the upskirt shots in spades both via animated sequences and 3D game sequences, as teased by PQube over on their official Twitter account.

But as you can see, the main hero Yūta can’t see too many panties or his nose will turn into a blood geyser and the world will explode. Literally.

So players must master his abilities as a ghost to solve the puzzles, play tricks on a hot girls, and avoid seeing their panties. It’s not as easy as it sounds, because upskirt shots happen more often than a mid-aughts reality TV star getting caught by the paparazzi getting out of a car while going commando.

Punch Line - Anime Upskirt

The only difference here is that the girls in Punch Line aren’t doing it intentionally.

But our hero will have to work hard at solving the mysteries that will eventually result in him getting his corporeal body back. You can check out the trailer for the game below to get an idea of what the concept is like in motion. It will surely satisfy all you pantsu lovers out there.

I’m actually genuinely shocked that Sony allowed the game on the PS4 after they prevented PQube from releasing Omega Labyrinth Z on the PS4 as part of their new censorship policies.

Then again, the big difference between the two games is that in Omega Labyrinth Z there were actually interactive elements with the girls, where-as Punch Line veers more towards the voyeur category.

This still doesn’t mean that PQube is in the clear, though. For those of you who have been following Valve’s recent ban of games involving ecchi content, H-games, and anime titles, we don’t know what the threshold is for a game getting denied release on Steam. Some of the games that Valve has denied release don’t even have any sexual content or nudity in them, such as Food Girls, Moe Reversi, Victory Project or Hello, Goodbye.

However, given that PQube is a fairly established name in the publishing scene, I would like to assume that they will get a free pass from Valve. But there really are no guarantees during these troubling times.

You can look for Punch Line to make its way onto the Steam store at some point in 2019. For more info or to wishlist the game, be sure to visit the Steam store page.

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