Quantic Dream Joins NetEase, Builds New Engine For Cross-Platform Release
Detroit Become Human

NetEase has decided to invest in Quantic Dream, snatching up the former second-party studio out from under Sony’s publishing wing for several upcoming cross-platform releases. The Chinese publisher has taken up a minority take in the French publisher, and will work with the development studio to produce several new projects.

The studio currently employees 150 full-time employees, but will ramp up staff recruitment for the next project as they build out a new engine for the upcoming project.

According to VentureBeat, not only will the new engine be used for their upcoming projects, but studio head David Cage stated that they’re targeting multiple platforms with their upcoming projects under NetEase, saying…

“It is too early to reveal anything about our future projects. What I can say is that we are working on our next engine that will be cross- platform and even more impressive than anything we have done before. We will keep working on projects that are ambitious and original, building on the genre we pioneered and that we will continue to develop, but we also want to explore new grounds.”

Quantic Dream’s other head honcho, Guillaume de Fondaumiere also took a potshot at non-Chinese markets, claiming that China is the world’s largest market but that the gaming world “becomes more uninformed” about these things. Technically, he’s not wrong about the gaming media being absolutely useless for actually informing people about anything, so it’s not the people’s fault they’re uneducated about the gaming’s world market, it’s simply that much like what the Caliber producer mentioned, games press are clickbait parasites that are worthless and completely useless when it comes to informing people about the gaming industry.

Cage told VentureBeat, however, that they won’t stop producing games for the PlayStation platform, they’re simply going to be expanding their upcoming offerings to more platforms…

“We will continue to work on PlayStation, which is a platform we love and that we know very well. but we will also consider other platforms as we want to make our creations accessible to as many gamers as possible worldwide, regardless of the platform. This is definitely a shift for us after 12 years developing exclusively for PlayStation. But at the same time we have developed engines on PC, Dreamcast, Xbox, PS2, PS3, PS4, and PS4 Pro. Thus, we are confident we can make a smooth transition while keeping the high level of quality that we target for our games.”

Now that Sony has lost Quantic Dreams, it will definitely dampen their exclusivity offerings for the PlayStation 5 in coming years, especially as Microsoft has picked up a bunch of other studios to work on exclusive games for the Xbox One and PC.

I doubt the head-honchos at SIE’s California office will see how damaging this sort of move will be – in connection with their oppressive censorship policies – until it’s too late.

Anyway, Quantic Dream’s upcoming games are still heavily under wraps and we likely won’t hear anything about them until a couple of years from now. Their latest game, the propaganda-laden Detroit: Become Human, is currently available on the PS4 right now.

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