Resident Evil 2 Remake: Claire Gameplay Walkthrough
Resident Evil 2 Remake Walkthrough

Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 Remake has managed to storm the marketplace and take the PS4, Xbox One, and PC markets captive with its mesmerizing redo of the 1998 classic. Some things have changed, some things have stayed the same, but one thing is for sure: gamers are definitely playing hard and playing heavy this new survival-horror remake as if their lives depended on it. If you need a little help getting started with the Claire version of the walkthrough, there is a guide available.

If you need help with Leon’s gameplay walkthrough, we have that guide up as well. YouTuber Gamers Little Playground has Claire’s rendition of the ‘B’ side walkthrough, which you can check out below.

Just for clarification. There’s a Leon A, a Claire A, a Leon B, and a Claire B walkthrough. Leon A is the canon walkthrough for Leon, while Claire B is the canon walkthrough for Claire. If you need help with Claire’s A route, you can also use the Leon A walkthrough guide to help you out, too.

Claire’s playthrough is actually about two hours shorter than Leon’s walkthrough, and clocks in at four and a half hours.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Controls

The controls stay the same.

Left analog is to move, the right analog is to look around.

You can examine things when you get close to them using the ‘X’ button on the DualShock 4 or the ‘A’ button on the Xbox One.

You can sprint by pressing in the right analog stick.

You can shoot using the left trigger to aim and the right trigger to fire.

You can use melee weapons by pressing the left bumper and then pressing the right trigger to attack.

Press ‘Triangle’ on the DualShock to open the inventory, or press ‘Y’ on the Xbox One controller to open the inventory.

The Courtyard

After the cinematics play and Leon and Claire are split up, Claire will end up at the side of the police station in a makeshift cemetery just outside the main police station.

Make your way down the steps and up the other side to grab a red and blue herb. Combine them together in the inventory to create a mixed herb.

You’ll find the bolt cutters inside of a wheelbarrow.

Another cinematic will play and then you’ll need to run back through the garden and down the steps. Use the bolt cutters on the locked shed and you’ll find some ammo and the courtyard key on a box inside the maintenance room, along with a quickdraw revolver and a grenade.

Exit the shed and use the quickdraw revolver to take out the zombies in the courtyard. Use the courtyard key on the door to get into the police station. Kill the zombie and take the scrap of paper and proceed down the hall into the locker room. You’ll find more ammo for the snub-nose revolver and the quickdraw pistol in the lockers, along with a fuse and some more herbs. If need be, save your game using the typewriter.

The Police Station

Proceed through the hall and reach the main office and then use the fuse you picked up to place it into the box and open the door into the main foyer. Make sure you also take the red valve wheel from inside the office as well.

Kill the zombies and take the RPD pouch on the counter. The missing notebook from the officer is on the bench in front of the plinth of the statue.

Resident Evil 2 Remake - Hallway

If you look at the monitor you’ll find that Mr. X will be roaming the hallways and he will break one of the cameras.

Head around to the west side of the map and make your way through the corridor to the operations room. You’ll find some notes and a map inside, which you can access by pressing the Back button on the Xbox One controller or the touch pad on the DualShock 4.

If you need some extra ammo you’ll find some in the weapons locker.

Inside the Lieutenant’s office you’ll find a safe. Open it to access the RPD pouch. The combination is: 9 right, 15 left, 7 right

To access the revolver’s speedload inside Leon’s desk you need to use the combination on the right side of the desk: NED. On the left side of the desk put in the combination: MRG

Head inside the dark room off the staircase. You’ll be able to save your game and store your supplies.

Once you get done inside the dark room, make your way up the steps into the shower room and use the red valve wheel to turn off the steam.

The hallway will lead you around to the S.T.A.R.S., office where you’ll find a battery and some more gunpowder, along with some health supplies.

How To Escape Mr. X

When you exit the S.T.A.R.’s office, Mr. X will be stalking the hallways, so make a run for it.

Don’t stop moving because he won’t stop chasing you.

Head up the steps to the very top floor and you’ll find the spade key on a desk.

Take the key and make your way around the library and to the main hall and then use the spade key to open the door and head into the room across from the vending machines just down the hall from the dark room – you’ll find the electronic device inside. Combine the device with the battery you picked up from the S.T.A.R.S., office and then head all the way back up to the attic area to use the detonator with the C4.

Resident Evil 2 Remake - C4

After the bomb goes off, it will open up the area so you can get the medallion off of the statue. In order to access the medallion input the icons in the following sequence: Ram, Harp, and Bird.

Take the maiden medallion and head back downstairs.

Go into the main hall and place the medallion into the base of the statue in the entrance area.

Head back upstairs through the library to the area where the bronze statue is located with the unicorn medallion. Input the sequence: Two kids, scales, and a snake.

Take the unicorn medallion and the roll of film from the lunch box, and head back down to the main hall and place it into the base of the ivory statue.

Proceed to the dark room and develop the film for the lion statue. This will reveal what you’ll need to get the final medallion. The combination for the final medallion is: Crown, flame, dove with the olive branch.

Make your way into the storage room off the computer processing room upstairs where the statue is located with the scepter. Make sure you have the red book with you, which is found on one of the desks inside the library. There’s also a safe inside the computer room. The combination is: 6 right, 2 left, 11 right.

Take the detached arm from the dusty old boxes and place it onto the statue with the scepter. Place the red book into the statue’s hand and then take the scepter.

Head back into the main hall, place the third medallion into the plinth at the base of the ivory statue to open up the secret passage way.

Walk through the generator area and you’ll meet Sherry Birkin.

Resident Evil 2 Remake - Dr Birkin

Generator Room

You’ll end up in a boss fight against Dr. Birkin.

Use the fast revolver to weaken him, and when his giant deformed eyeball opens up, use the other revolver to shoot his giant eyeball.

If you have a grenade, it will help weaken him as well, especially to stun him long enough for you to shoot up his puss-infected shoulder eye.

Rinse and repeat until he falls over the railing.

Sherry will lower the ladder for Claire and you’ll be able to climb up and gather some supplies before heading into the control room where you can pull the lever to move the bridge over, which will take you into the next area where you can find an RPD pouch in a locker for some extra inventory space.

You can also save the game and store your items.

Proceed up the ladder and another cinematic will play.

Parking Garage

You’ll need to scrounge around the B1 area to find the key. You’ll find a map in the open door leading to the elevator that takes you to the chief’s office.

Make your way through the dark corridor to the shooting range where you’ll find a yellow lunch pal with a bent key inside. Take the key.

Proceed through the hall into the kennel room with the two lickers, and then make your way into the morgue where you’ll find the purple diamond key for the purple door located through the shooting gallery.

Go through the door and you’ll find a roll of film.

Exit back into the garage and use the broken car key by examining it and pressing the unlock button, it will open open the trunk and you’ll be able to get your hands on a new semi-automatic pistol.

Proceed into the elevator control room using the diamond key and you’ll find a bump stock and a few more supplies.

Pull the lever to bring down the elevator and press the button to head up to the Chief’s office.


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