Slightly Mad Studios Reveals Early Concept Design Of The ‘Mad Box’

Well, it looks like the upcoming new system by Slightly Mad Studios that acts like an early April Fool’s joke has taken shape, no literally. Ian Bell, the CEO of Slightly Mad Studios, has revealed the shape of the “almighty” 2023 console the “Mad Box” in that it resembles a dented-in hat sporting a robust M-shaped arch.

The creators of the Project Cars games, which includes the forthcoming third installment in the sim racing series, released images of an early mock-up of the Mad Box. Yes, these mock-ups aren’t some random images that surfaced on the net from some shady source, but from the CEO of Slightly Mad Studios.

The first image or images to debut on the internet were shared on Bell’s official Twitter account, which you can see below. The arch shape console showing off the Slightly Mad Studios’ logo has its internal components blurred out because the team is “still in discussions” regarding those things.

If you are baffled by the shape of the Mad Box, well there’s an answer to that very question. Bell feels that folks shouldn’t be ashamed of a shapely device unlike a “stinking” slider. Remember, these are his thoughts, not mine:

Aside from the Mad Box sporting a deployable carry handle on the top, Bell claims the Mad Box is “the most powerful console ever built,” boasting feats that “will be equivalent to a very fast PC two years from now.”

In addition to feats, Bell said not too long ago that the system will support most major VR headsets and will allow up to 90fps per eye to equate 180fps:

Lastly, it’s worth noting that the design shown above is not the final look as noted by Bell on Twitter. However, the image must hold some merit to him for it to be posted up several times on his account in one day. But time will tell whether it will keep its current design or gain a new and improved look.

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