Some Fallout 76 Players Are Warning Others Not To Defend Bethesda’s Blunders After Recent Patch

It looks like fans aren’t too happy with Bethesda Game Studios or the network of Bethesda branches under Zenimax Media. After the disastrous patch 1.0.5 shipped across PC, PS4 and Xbox One on January 29th, 2019, some Fallout 76 players are now warning others not to defend Bethesda’s blunders.

The very thing that would cause the upcoming player warnings comes in the form of patch on PC, on PS4, and on Xbox One. Found on, the devs also posted a brief announcement on Twitter:

You would think a patch should end most if not all problems, right? Not in this case, which sparked some fans of the game to warn others not to give Fallout 76 the time of day.

The first post warning players about Fallout 76 comes from user matt_CHRIST3NS3N, whose post “It appears that the enemies taking no damage glitch has returned” resonates with other post-patch players on the issue. Yes, the patch to fix existing bugs brought squashed bugs back into existence:

“I was playing last night and I was wielding the black diamond unique ski sword and I came across a level 1 scorched. I attacked it and no damage was dealt. I hit it 5 to 10 times and still no luck. It finally to took damage after a while. It seems like this bug returned once the update released. Bethesda this is very frustrating and it would be nice if you fixed the bug AGAIN!”

The next post on the same subreddit garnered a gold medal and comes from user ImWorthlessO. The post titled “I feel so awful for convincing my friends to buy fo76” has mixed opinions on it, but although a post by A_Midget_Stripper has a silver medal, more people seem to consider the notion of “If you’re done with FO76, Uninstall.”

But the post that takes the cake in this fan disgruntlement comes from Fallout 76 subreddit user Deathshuck, who made a post titled “Defending Bethesda does not help the Fallout community.” The post not only accrued a silver and gold medal, but the post also has over 4.0k upvotes — which is more than the active userbase of Radical Heights and Battleborn players combined.

The post reads:

“I can completely appreciate that there are people who wholeheartedly enjoy Fallout 76, embrace it with bugs and all, which is completely fine. If you enjoy the product you bought, that’s all there is to it. Power to you.


However, to the vast majority of us it’s become crystal clear that Bethesda is completely incapable in managing this, objectively flawed videogame. They’re a company that has had nothing but success all these years, and now that they’re experiencing serious backlash for the first time, they’re on full damage control mode. Banning people left and right, deleting threads, all the while maintaining a cheery “everything is fine and dandy” public image in social media.


All of this is extremely shady. This company needs to be held accountable for what they’ve done, and it is absolutely necessary to call out every single decision they make which undermine their customers, fans and gamers in general.


If you enjoy the game, fine. However, it’s also important that you stay objective and accept that there are real, important issues with the game that causes massive grief for thousands of people. You have no right to complain that people are “dev bashing” and feign ignorance like there’s nothing wrong with your game. The way Bethesda is mismanaging this game is a masterclass in how to not make an online game. Remember that this is a company with no experience with online products.


Bottom-line is this: companies do not give a damn about you, so stop defending their shady practises. There’s nothing worse than brand loyalty, especially at a time like this.


Did anyone ever expect Bethesda to become like this? Hell no. It is absolutely obscene, which is even more the reason to talk about it. Do not try to censor discussions.”

As of this writing, Bethesda Support has issued out a hotfix to reconcile issues created in the latest patch. We’ll see how things pan out, but if I were you, I wouldn’t hold my breath on anything getting better anytime soon. With that said, you can check out the hotfix message right here:


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