Star Wars: The Last Jedi Co-Producer, Kiri Hart, Absent From Leadership Team Listing
The Last Jedi

News has been circulating about co-producer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Kiri Hart, no longer being listed on the leadership team over on the official website. Due to the page not being saved before Hart allegedly was removed from the page, it’s hard to tell how recent a development this was or if she was there to begin with, but fans following the Star Wars production news noted that she’s no longer listed anywhere on the site.

According to the director of the upcoming Episode Backlash documentary, Marc John, he took note of the absence and made a quick video about it on January 29th, 2019.

Attempting to check the Wayback Machine or archives renders results null. The only snapshots of the site were from January 30th, 2019, after rumors had already been circulating that Hart was no longer with LucasFilm.

According to the Star Wars Wiki, Hart’s official role with the company was described as the vice president of development for Lucasfilm and as a development lead for the Lucasfilm story group.

The Saltier Than Criat sub-reddit speculated that perhaps J.J. Abrams, the current director of Star Wars: Episode IX, may have had a falling out with the story group, which could have led to Hart’s departure. Others speculated that there were clashes behind the scene because she was more in support of Rian Johnson, the original director for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and one of the outspoken members from Lucasfilm to blame #GamerGate on his movie being poorly received by fans.

The Jedi Temple Archives, however, takes a more backseat speculative position on the matter, rather than a definitive one regarding Hart’s fate. In fact, they run through the possibility that her removal could mean she’s been upgraded or promoted, rather than fired or quit. Obviously until there’s an announcement (or Hart’s name pops up elsewhere) we don’t really know what fate befell the co-producer.

(Thanks for the news tip Marc John)


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