Super Real Mahjong PV, Strip Mahjong Game For Nintendo Switch Delayed
Super Real Mahjong PV

On January 31st, 2019 Mighty Craft announced over on their official website that Super Real Mahjong PV for the Nintendo Switch would be missing its late January release date.

They have a quick update stating that…

“Regarding the January 2019 release schedule for the Nintendo Switch of Super Real Mahjong PV, we’re currently consulting with Nintendo regarding the release.


“Concerning this development, the end of January release [of Super Real Mahjong PV] that was originally scheduled to take place has been postponed.”

Super Real Mahjong PV - Strip

As noted by Gematsu, Super Real Mahjong PV is actually the fifth entry in the long-running strip mahjong series, which originally made its debut as a lewd game for lewd gamers way back when gaming was designed for hardcore gamers in the age of the Sega Saturn. Yes, we’re talking about an era that goes way back to 1995.

The object of the game is to beat each of the female challenges in a game of mahjong until they strip out of all of their clothes. In between each game, you get a hand-animated sequence featuring the girls where they undress for the player, including showcasing some full-on boobage.

If you need a refresher on just how sexy this game was, even way back in the mid-1990s, YouTuber ChiRuru-chan has a 33 minute playthrough of the original, but unfortunately all the bare boobs were censored out of the video to avoid getting a community strike from YouTube. The full game is uncensored on the Sega Saturn, though.

What’s likely happening is that Mighty Craft will probably have to censor the bare nipples on the Nintendo Switch version of the game to avoid a CERO Z rating or risk being banned from sale. Games in Japan aren’t supposed to have explicit bare nudity, and it’s why games like the original God of War trilogy had to cover up all the bare boobs in the game.

Some people think this could be the beginning of the end and that Nintendo might be trying to start up their own censorship policies, but we’ll have to wait for more info before assuming that Nintendo will start regulating games outside of the ratings board the way Sony is doing it with their PS4 censorship policies.

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