The Boys Trailer Is A Spastic Mess… But Shows Some Promise
The Boys (2019)

Amazon Prime picked up the Karl Urban-helmed series, The Boys. The show is based on the graphic novel of the same name about a group of anti-heroes who are against super heroes, and use a variety of underhanded means to expose the corruption of said super heroes.

The latest trailer for the show outlines what viewers can expect from the live-action adaption of the popular comic. You can check out the the two and a half minute trailer below, courtesy of JoBlo TV.

The spastic trailer doesn’t really give you any idea what’s really going on, but we see a lot of mature-themed content on display, from an invisible man pissing in a cup, to people’s heads being smashed into objects with bloody results, to a couple of neat shots where a truck smashes into one hero and completely crumples into smithereens.

However, there are also elements of the Diversity agenda at play. While the anti-hero group has mostly stayed true to the cast of characters from the graphic novel, there are glimpses of the show apparently trying to the modern day sensibilities of Leftists and “woke” Social Justice Warriors, as evident with an interracial snippet plopped in between all the other crude imagery that flashes by at the blink of an eye.

The Boys (2019) - Poz

I absolutely cannot say that this is a good trailer because it’s so spastic that it’s impossible to tell exactly what’s going on.

We don’t get any sort of coherent character descriptions or plot elements, just tons of non-linear sequences slapped into a collage with a catchy song and a look at the above-par cinematography.

I like Karl Urban and hopefully this is the breakout role he’s deserved for not bending the knee to the Social Justice Brigade. But that’s all assuming that The Boys stays true to its roots, doesn’t get bogged down in pushing sociopolitical propaganda, and avoids becoming Amazon’s version of an exercise in agitprop like some sort of Netflix reject.

The Boys is due to drop on Amazon Prime Video at some point in 2019.


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