The Hong Kong Massacre Trailer Preps For January 22nd Release On PS4, Steam
The Hong Kong Massacre

A brand new trailer was released for The Hong Kong Massacre, which is set to release on PS4 and Steam on January 22nd. The game has been in development for quite some time by the indie group VRESKI. They’ve been channeling their inner John Woo in order to bring a masculine, hard-boiled, over-the-top, top-down shooter to console and PC gamers this winter.

The latest trailer for the game showcases more of the game’s shooting mechanics and the physical destruction that takes place within the levels.

We see how the main character blasts through doorways using a shootgun to ragdoll enemies into a bloody mess on the ground, blow up the environments with explosive shells, and dual-wield pistols while leaping across the gaps on the rooftops.

You can check out the trailer below.

It’s not just the way the characters react to the weapons and the environment showcases splinters and particles flying everywhere, it’s also how the smoke dissipates from the barrel of the gun, how the environments light up from the muzzle fire, and how the bullets create dynamic effects on impact.

It reminds me of the original Max Payne from Remedy, and the amount of detail and precision they put into making the gun fights look as dynamic as possible.

You can also roll, jump, dodge, and strafe-fire throughout the environment.

Part of me wishes the game was third-person, over-the-shoulder instead of being top-down, but the top-down gameplay really helps bring the visceral elements of the gameplay to life in a way that you don’t usually get to see in shooter games.

For instance, in the canonical Hard Boiled sequel, Stranglehold, since you were always following behind Chow Yun-Fat’s character you didn’t always get to see how the orchestrated ballet of bullet dancing would play out around the environment. You only got to see the aftermath or what the effects were like as you were shooting at the enemies. But the top-down view lets you see the back and forth gunplay between all involved parties.

This is definitely a game on my wishlist, but I’ll be picking it up on Steam and not the PS4 due to Sony’s censorship policies. However, this certainly doesn’t absolve Valve from carrying out their own form of inconsistent censorship.

You can look for The Hong Kong Massacre to arrive on Steam and the PS4 starting January 22nd. It would be cool if the game arrived on the Nintendo Switch because I would pick it up in a heartbeat.

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