The Rising Of The Shield Hero Dub Delayed, But It’s Not Because Of The SJW Backlash
The Rising of the Shield Hero

Crunchyroll is catching both flak and gaining a lot of positive attention over the new winter anime, The Rising of the Shield Hero, based on the light novel series of the same name from Aneko Yusagi. However, the official English language social media account for the anime recently announced that the English dubbed debut would be delayed indefinitely, which had some gamers fearful of what was to come.

However, over on the official Rising of the Shield Hero Twitter account, they confirmed that it wasn’t because of the SJW backlash that the dub was being delayed.

The one user thought that the change may have been due to various outlets condemning the show because it showed the social and psychological damage that false rape accusations can do to a man.

Various anime media hubs like Anime Feminist and Anime News Network both went on the attack against the show, calling it misogynistic for depicting a male as the victim of a false rape accusation and the consequences he suffered in light of that.

However, Crunchyroll press writer, Miles Thomas, responded by saying that that was not the case.

No further elaboration was made either by the official The Rising of the Shield Hero Twitter account or by Miles Thomas.

Fans are surprisingly stoked for the dub version of The Rising of the Shield Hero, so we’ll see how that finally turns out when it eventually airs at some point in the near future. New episodes for the series will air on Crunchyroll each Wednesday, with a total of 25 episodes planned to air.

SJW outlets like attempted to proclaim that due to actually containing real character development and an intriguing plotline they didn’t know if fans would keep watching, writing…

“The Rising of the Shield Hero has been advertised as one of the biggest anime debuts of the Winter 2019 series, and the anime fan community has been torn over its debut episode. Featuring many divisive elements within its premiere, the series has sparked a major controversy as now fans do not know at this point at whether or not they will continue watching the series from now on.”

This is completely wrong.

The only people who have been vocal about the “divisive” elements are Social Justice Warriors who operate the major online media outlets.

Fans have generally been positive towards the show or ambivalent towards it (with the biggest criticisms being that it’s slow and boring), but there doesn’t appear to be any major backlash from actual anime fans about the show. And obviously SJWs don’t make up the core of the anime community, so we can safely dismiss ComicBook’s assessment of the fan feedback, especially since was one of the outlets that falsely proclaimed that majority of Crunchyroll’s fanbase supported High Guardian Spice, even though that turned out to be completely untrue. was also one of the sites that spread the fake news about Ellie from Overwatch, claiming that the e-sports hopeful was a female player that got harassed out of the industry, even though that was far from the truth and the reality is that Ellie was actually a dude in disguise.

Anyway, you can look for new episodes of The Rising of the Shield Hero to air each Wednesday on Crunchyroll. There’s still no ETA on when the English dubbed version of the anime will air, though.

(Thanks for the news tip A Punk Named Katsuya Jonouchi)


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