The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 3 Walkthrough And Choices
The Walking Dead The Final Season Episode 3 Walkthrough

After Telltale went bust, Skybound Entertainment had to step in and re-hire the fired employees to finish the final two episodes for the final season of Telltale’s The Walking Dad. Now that The Walking Dead: The Final Season – Episode 3: Broken Toys is out and available for the Xbox One, PS4, PC, and mobile devices. There are walkthroughs available for Episode 3.

There are multiple walkthroughs available showing the different choices and options in the game, courtesy of MKIceandFire. The start of Episode 3 picks up from the choices made in Episode 2 where they chose Violet over Louis, and Mitch died saving Willy. At the start of the episode you can choose to comfort Willy or try to get him to stop acting like a wuss. You can also reproach him for being angry at Tenn.

After talking to the squirts go down into the basement and punish Abel.

You can either punch and torture him or attempt to help him.

You can either let him smoke his Bible cigarette or keep torturing him.

The Walking Dead Episode 3 - Abel Is Dying

You can either let him sweat or give him your word that you will put him out of his misery if he tells you where your friends are.

You’ll then be able to mercy kill him or let him turn.

You can also then have AJ watch as you kill Abel or have him turn away. If you have AJ watch your every move, he will remember that you tortured a man to death.

Keep in mind that your choices have consequences.

You’ll need to examine the boat where the kids are being kept as hostages. Simply look at each of the points of interest, and then examine the torches and the horses to gather intel so you can setup a distraction in order to get on to the boat.

Go over to Willy and examine the raft, the supplies, and the torches.

You can either choose to burn the supplies or burn the hay. If you choose to burn the hay then Willy will attempt to steal some of the supplies.

The Walking Dead Episode 3 - Minnie

Clementine will be able to approach Minnie from behind and question her, but then a conversation will break out about what happened to her.

Minnie will attempt to convince Clementine and the others to just join the raiders, and you’ll have the choice to convince Minnie to come back to the school – if you attempt to do so she will remember that.

Clementine will meet with James to gather a herd, but you’ll have to distract the walkers by only using the ‘Circle’ button on them or by pressing ‘B’.

You’ll need to run over and rapidly press ‘B’ to stun them and then move over to the next pair to stun them.

Don’t let the zombies crowd you otherwise they’ll kill you.

After getting James his flesh mask back, he’ll take Clementine and AJ to a barn with some walkers inside.

The Walking Dead Episode 3 - Wind Chimes

Before helping Clementine, James will make Clementine walk among the walkers with a flesh mask. The mode goes into first-person and you’ll need to move in a line toward the wind chimes.

Once you get back outside, James will ask if Clementine has become a believer – you’ll have a choice to either oblige James and his craziness or tell him the walkers are just monsters. If you buy into his craziness it will improve Clementine’s relationship with James.

Back at the school Clementine and AJ have a conversation about getting bit and what AJ is supposed to do if Clementine gets bit. You can choose to tell AJ to either run away or shoot. You can also choose to tell him to get brave or that he can get bit, too, and the two of them can be zombies together.

You can talk to the other kids during the party, help the kids name stuff, and find out why each of the kids was put into the school for troubled kids.

Once you get done with the school talk, there’s a flashback with Clementine and Lee Everett.

Eventually James will meet up with Clementine and the others at the boat. It will be revealed that James is an Asian gay boy, and that he had a boyfriend.

The Walking Dead Episode 3 - Asian Gay Boys

After a lot of pointless dialogue, you’ll need to stay behind the walkers and avoid getting shot by hiding behind the walkers. Use ‘X’ on the Xbox controller or Square on the DualShock 4 to hide behind the zombies.

The game turns into a stealth title as you need to avoid being spotted by the spotlight – wait for it to pass by and then move behind the crates.

Kill the walkers and then the trio will move into the boat.

You’ll have the choice of either killing or incapacitating the guards.

When you encounter Minnie you’ll have the choice of either telling her what Tenn told you to tell her, or threatening her.

Minnie will betray the group and knock out Clementine and lock them in the cells.

The Walking Dead EPisode 3 - Jail Cell

Look through the cell door down at the ground at the cell door latch. Clementine will ask for AJ’s shiv and you’ll need to pick it up and use it to get out of the jail.

A scuffle will ensue and you’ll have the choice of either letting AJ bite off the black lady’s ear or telling him to stand down while Violet gets her finger cut off with a cleaver.

Eventually Clementine will make her way up to the upper deck where AJ, Lilly, James, and Clementine will have a showdown. The final choice will be to either have AJ kill Lilly or spare her life.

The Walking Dead Episode 3 - Killer Her AJ

There’s also an alternative playthrough that includes slightly different choices that you can make, including cutting off Abel’s arm, forcibly torturing him more than necessary, and letting him turn into a zombie.

Even if you tell AJ that he doesn’t need to see Abel turn into a walker, he will say that he wants to.

Alternatively, if you saved Louis instead of Violet in Episode 2, then Violet will be the one captured instead of Louis, and he wont get his tongue severed off with the cleaver.

When you get onto the boat you’ll find that Violet is fine, and she’s not tortured or maimed like what happens to Louis.

However, if you tell AJ not to help Louis after they get captured, he will have his finger severed by the cleaver.

During the escape, Louis will accidentally shoot Dorian in the mouth with the crossbow bolt.

At the end, if AJ gives the gun to James instead of killing Lilly, then Lilly will stab James in the back and take the gun from AJ. Shortly after that the boat will explode from when the kids put the bomb in the boiler room.


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