Weekly Recap Jan 19th: Gillette Gets Woke, Caliber Dev Calls Out Journalists, DOA 6 Confusion
Weekly Recap

The top news of the week was obviously Gillette’s anti-male propaganda ad filled to the brim with Social Justice Warrior messaging. The ad was overtly anti-male through and through, and thankfully a lot of men bucked up and called those parasites out. And speaking of parasites, the producer of the shooter game Caliber called out game journalists as being nothing more than pathetic, clickbait-grifting parasites. Unfortunately he apologized just a couple of days later, but oh boy was it refreshing to read about a developer who brought the head down on those scumbags posing as game journalists.

And this week saw Dead or Alive 6 producer Yohei Shimbori bouncing back and forth over what will be featured in the upcoming game, and won’t it won’t feature, while also making excuses why some features had to be censored, and claiming that he was misunderstood based on some other statements he made in an interview, creating more confusion than a toddler taking a shot of tequila before stepping into a mirror maze. These mind-melting stories and more in this January 19th, 2019 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Star Wars Revenue Takes A Dive

All that “Force Is Female” nonsense has come back to bite Disney on the bum real hard, as the Star Wars brand took a huge hit when it came to the revenue of the merchandising, licensing, comic book sales, novels, and video games. Marvel may be known for going all-in on the whole diversity initiative, but DC Comics isn’t far behind, as they’ve been taking jabs at the #ComicsGate crowd and MRAs in the latest Harley Quinn comic. After YouTube terminated the Mumkey Jones account, the company proceeded to then terminate the account of his girlfriend because he appeared on the channel, and they demonetized the account of his friend because he joined their podcast. Some SJWs aren’t satisfied with Soldier 76 being announced as gay, some SJWs feel as if he needed to be shoved down the throats of straight gamers because his coming out announcement wasn’t big enough. And Dead or Alive 6 producer Yohei Shimbori has claimed that he was misunderstood when he spoke about the clothing damage being reduced in the game, and that he’s trying to juggle the expectations of gamers versus global standards.


Liberals Love Life Is Strange While Conservatives Love Shooter Games

If you’re Conservative it’s more likely that you’re into shooter games, PC games, strategy games, and hardcore masculine games. If you’re a Liberal it’s likely you’re into feminine games like Life is Strange or furry games like Sonic The Hedgehog. That’s according to some new data from Facebook. Valve is also apparently gearing up to launch a native Chinese client in the mainland after they teamed up with Perfect World Entertainment. Seth McFarlane and the rest of the Leftists working on Family Guy decided to axe all the gay jokes in the show. The anti-white racist, Manveer Heir, is opening up his new game studio in 2019 and it will be a black and brown studio themed around “diveristy”. And in a surprising move of brand suicide, Gillette decided to get woke and now all their former supporters are hoping they go broke.


Caliber Dev Calls Game Journalists Parasitic Trash

A Russian developer finally came out and expressed the the kind of anti-gaming journalist sentiments that gamers have had for quite some time, calling them parasitic trash and peddlers of clickbait. Everything the based game developer said was right on the money. Roku decided to keep the tech giant censorship train rolling by removing InfoWars from their platform after Social Justice Warriors and other tech firms in Silicon Valley put pressure on them. Disney decided to monetize a Star Wars fan film after they said the content creator couldn’t. And Valve’s Artifact has lost more than 97% of its playerbase over the course of just two months.


Ubisoft Apologizes For Making Kassandra Heterosexual In Assassin’s Creed

Social Justice Warriors threw a fit because that he-man Kassandra got knocked up by a soy boy and popped out an uncanny valley baby, so Ubisoft apologized, which is common whenever Social Justice Warriors start complaining. The Caliber dev originally stated that game journalists were scum, but then after journalists threatened to blacklist his game unless he was fired, he apologized to the SJWs. After Disney tried to financially rape Star Wars Theory, someone at LucasFilm stepped up and utilized the Force to do the right thing by striking down the monetary Sith Lords at Disney and removed the monetization claim from the Darth Vader fan film. Dead or Alive 6‘s sexiness will supposedly be on the same level as Dead or Alive 5, so says Shimbori, but no one really believes him.


SJWs Target Halo Composer Marty O’Donnell Because He Hated Gillette’s SJW Ad

Social Justice Warriors have proven time and time again that the only true harassers out there are fellow Social Justice Warriors. They rallied up their forces and took aim at the man, the myth, the legend, Marty O’Donnell. Yes, the Halo composer was put into the cross-hairs of the SJWs because he dared stand up and renounce his patronage for any of Gillette’s products due to their advocating anti-American agitprop. SJWs became furious at this act of defiance and began attacking O’Donnell. After having a troubled development cycle, Crackdown 3 has finally drawn closer towards it developmental end, but not without a few sacrifices, such as losing the four-player co-op mode. NIS America has picked up the localization license for Trails of Steel Cold III, much to the chagrin of JRPG fans. And some of the chicks from Mortal Kombat 11 were revealed, and they butched up Skarlet by giving her short SJW hair and slapping her in a hijab, or a burka, or whatever the heck those Muslims call it.


Google Leak Reveals They Screw Over Your Search Results

If you’re still living in the bubble thinking that Google isn’t evil, there’s been a new leak revealing that the company absolutely does manipulate your search results to ensure that certain kinds of content almost never gets seen. Nora, Princess, and Stray Cat 2 has been censored on the PS4, Nintendo Switch and the PS Vita, but we don’t know how much the game has been censored on PS4 compared to the Switch. And speaking of SJW influence, the GDC taking place this March will have a session that will address “Toxic” gamer culture, where the professors will attempt to use indoctrination techniques to influence their students. Facebook is facing fines of $22 million after leaking personal information, along with other damning info from a leaked set of documents outlining how the company purposefully refused to give refunds to consumers whose kids paid out thousands of dollars in microtransactions. And there’s at least some form of good news in the fact that Star Control: Origins has at least returned to Steam this week.


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