Weekly Recap Jan 5th: Operation Choke Point, DMC5 Lady Drama, FCC Comes For Gaming
Weekly Recap

The first week of 2019 came in with a freaking bang. Scandals, lies, and corruption were the order of the week, this included the FCC’s CVAA for disabled gamers, which forces developers making games after January 1st, 2019 to consider adding options for disabled gamers as a defacto standard. We also learned that PayPal and Mastercard aren’t the ones initiating the deplatforming, but are actually victims of bullying from the FDIC and Department of Justice’s mutant legislation that has turned into an unconstitutional violation of the First Amendment in the form of “Operation Choke Point”, which began back in 2013. It’s literally like something right out of Deus Ex, only few people know about it and a heck of a lot of people are slowly being affected by it each and every day.

Oh, and Slightly Mad Studios decided to make their own game console called the Mad Box. It’s designed to rival the PS5 and whatever the heck Microsoft’s new Xbox console is supposed to be. It won’t be due out until several years for now but talk is rampant from the boys at SMS. There was also a ridiculous story where a developer from Insomniac Games who organized harassment of a female 3D artist because the artist didn’t like how Lady in Devil May Cry 5 had a man-jaw with masculine traits. These crazy-arse stories and more in this January 5th, 2019 New Year’s edition of the Weekly Recap.


Lawyer Seeks To File Complaints With FTC About Paypal, Patreon

There’s a possibility that PayPal and Patreon could end up getting hit hard with Federal sanctions if a complaint successfully goes through from a lawyer with the FTC regarding both companies colluding to get people banned from their services. A soy boy working at a vape shop got fired after he flew off the handle at a Trump supporter who came into the shop to buy some strawberry vape for his wife; the video went viral and the vape store deleted their social media accounts after getting all the wrong kind of media attention. Namco producer Katsuhiro Harada managed to save the e-sports scene for Dragon Ball FighterZ after stepping and stepping up to become the head of strategy over the e-sports division at Bandai Namco. And Soulja Boy may be in for the time of his life as Nintendo readies its lawyers to take the rapper to court over illegally selling Nintendo games via his Chinese knockoff game console through his online store. And it doesn’t look like Persona 5 R is coming to the Nintendo Switch, as it appears to be a PlayStation exclusive.


Paypal, Mastercard Bans Due To Operation Choke Point

PayPal and Mastercard have been banning people left and right, but it turns out that it may not be that the payment processors are getting woke, but it’s that the FDIC has been putting pressure on payment processors in order to get them to stop doing business with other outfits they don’t like. And speaking of PayPal bans, Hacker News has been banned from PayPal, but the reasons are hazy, and PayPal won’t give any clear reasons why. The new Teslasuit will be a breakthrough in tech for motion capture, biometric data feedback, haptic vibrations… and most importantly, VR porn. And an Insomniac Games developer decided to who just wanted to point out the manliness of Lady in Devil May Cry 5.


Slightly Mad Wants To Make A Mad Game Console

Slightly Mad Studios is working on their very own game console called the Mad Game Console. It’s supposed to arrive in a few years and do away with the whole exclusive game content barrier that some consoles rely on, but most people think it’s a pipe dream. The FCC is also requiring all games in development after January 1st, 2019 to include accessibility options for disabled gamers, otherwise the studios could face some hefty fines from the FCC. Have you considered watching the Bird Box? Well, before you go in you might want to examine what the film does to comply with the current Left’s orthodoxy for media entertainment with an article breaking down just how woke the movie is. Japan has made console modding illegal, along with the tools used to modify saved games. The Fortnite merchandise store now accepts cryptocurrency. And after Star Control: Origins got pulled from Steam and GOG.com due to a DMCA, Stardock Entertainment decided to sell the game directly through their own storefront for the time being.


More Than 20 Outlets Publish Fake News About Overwatch Player Quitting Due To Harassment

There’s a ridiculous story going around that a female e-sports competitor had to quit the little leagues of the Overwatch Contenders arena because she got harassed. However, it turns out that it’s all fake news and she never got harassed because she isn’t real, but that didn’t stop more than 20 enthusiast media outlets from running with the fake news to push the SJW agenda onto normies. Slightly Mad Studios released new images of the Mad Box game console, giving gamers a firsthand look at the new console. The U.K. Army also decided to get woke with it’s “inclusive” ads featuring “diverse” recruits, including gamers, millennials, and snowflakes. Doctor Who’s ratings continue to plummet, and in a twist of good news to round out the week, Valve allowed Niplheim’s Hunter to release on Steam after originally preventing it from releasing. They said it was just a “misunderstanding”.


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