Xbox Game Pass For January Adds Just Cause 3, Absolver, Life Is Strange 2

Microsoft rolled out the January line-up for the Xbox Game Pass to bring in the new year. The month starts with the continuation of the end-of-the-year availability of Dontnod Entertainment’s Life Is Strange. At the end December, 2018, Microsoft added the complete first season of Life Is Strange, along with Life Is Strange: Before The Storm before adding the first part of Life Is Strange 2 ahead of the release of the second episode.

Take note that Life Is Strange 2: Episode 1 is a full-on woke Leftist wet dream. It’s rife with anti-white propaganda, anti-Trump propaganda, and anti-Conservative propaganda. The game is so “woke” that it ended up making it on the 2018 Video Game Woke Awards.

Thankfully, Microsoft’s line-up of games on the Xbox Game Pass isn’t limited to just Leftist marketing.

There’s also ARK: Survival Evolved, which joins Life Is Strange 2. It’s an okay game, but if you like games where you build and craft stuff, fight dinosaurs, use high-tech weapons, and ride dinosaurs, it’s not a terrible title.

On the opposite end of the spectrum there’s Farming Simulator 17, for people who want something smaller and more compact as an experience. I don’t know why you would want to play it on the Xbox One, though, since you get all the sweet juicy mods on the PC version.

On January 7th the martial arts multiplayer game, Absolver. The game had a rather silent launch and picked up a small but dedicated audience. The game doesn’t dive into any of the ridiculous propaganda or politics that have plagued other games, and instead just gives gamers a skill-based gameplay experience where you focus on leveling up your character’s martial arts style and giving you the ability to learn new styles from other schools.

On January 10th there’s the second-worse Just Cause game ever made, Just Cause 3. And that’s followed by Aftercharge, which is another smaller game that slipped under the radar. It’s a PvP multiplayer game with asymmetric mechanics where one team is invisible and the other team is invincible. The invisible team must destroy six cylinders while the invincible team has to protect the cylinders.

As usual, you’ll probably want to avoid throwing money at an all-digital service if you value the medium of physical game sales.


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