YouTube Terminates Mumkey Jones’ Girlfriend Channel; Mutes Him On Twitter

Mumkey Jones

YouTube has had it in for Mumkey Jones ever since some feminists took aim at the content creator and labeled him as an advocate of the incel movement after misinterpreting his parody videos.

Journalist Nick Monroe has been covering the events transpiring involving Mumkey Jones, who originally had his account terminated back in the middle of December, 2018 for “Hate Speech”.

The images show that Mumkey Jones’ girlfriend’s channel has been terminated by YouTube just for him appearing on the channel.


The same happened to Jones’ friends, who had him on their podcast and was rewarded with demonetization restriction.

Mumkey Jones hasn’t been sitting by idly, though.

There are a few tricks left up his sleeve, namely with trying to rally the community to get YouTube to at least respond. The bigger issue is that Mumkey says he would be willing to delete the videos that YouTube claimed was hate speech, but they won’t even respond to him because they have him on mute.

However, Mumkey managed to get some help in the form of Keemstar, of all people.

Don’t think that this will be a YouTube bashing-video from Keemstar, though. In the two minute video Keemstar mostly sides against Mumkey’s satirical videos, claiming that a compromise would be for Mumkey to delete all of the videos making fun of Elliot Rodgers because he claims dumb people might see the satire and think it’s a manifesto that might influence some people to think it’s real.

Not everyone agreed with Keemstar about his solution, mostly because YouTube has been deplatforming and demonetizing people regularly, and there appears to be escalation in trying to purify the platform, even if the content is just satire.

Obviously there’s no telling if Keemstar will be able to get YouTube to restore Mumkey’s account, or if YouTube will bring down Keemstar just to punish Mumkey. Will Mumkey be able to overcome YouTube’s termination? And how far is Keemstar willing to go for a fellow YouTuber?

Find out next time in an exciting episode of Super YouTube D.

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