Anthem’s Staggered Release Leaves Some Gamers Ambivalent, Others Disinterested
Anthem Scattered Release

Electronic Arts decided to have a staggered release for Anthem. This includes a demo access phase starting February 1st, 2019, along with an early access phase for the full version on February 15th, a separate 10 hour trial on February 15th, and then finally the full game on February 22nd, 2019.

This four-stage release plan did not go down so well when it was announced over on the EA Twitter account on January 30th, 2019.

If you’re unable to read the chart there’s a slightly larger version you can view below.

So to break this down, if you pre-order the standard version on PC, PS4, or Xbox One, you’ll be able to access the free demo on February 1st, 2019, and then after that you’ll have to wait until February 22nd, 2019 to play the full version.

If you pre-order the Anthem: Legion of Dawn edition, it’s the same thing – demo on February 1st and then the full version on February 22nd.

If you are subscribed to EA Access, you’ll also gain access to the demo on February 1st, along with access to the free trial on February 15th. However, the free trial only lasts for 10 hours and simply being subscribed to EA Access does not grant you access to the full version on February 22nd.

If you are subscribed to Origin Access on PC (opposite of EA Access for the Xbox One), you will also gain access to the demo on February 1st, along with the 10 hour free trial on February 15th. Like the EA Access restriction, you will not gain access to the full version of the game when it launches on February 22nd.

You will, however, gain access to the full version of the game if you are subscribed to Origin Access Premier on PC. This will gain you access to the demo on February 1st, the early access of the full version of the game starting February 15th, or you can access the full version of the game that will be patched and ready to go on February 22nd.

This confusing and convoluted process of rolling out the game was not received very well by the people following the EA account.

What’s hilarious is that ShigBit’s tweet was actually liked more than EA’s original tweet announcing the staggered release for the game, showing that more people are disinterested in the game than they are interested in it.

Others mocked EA and also noted that the previous-SJW laden release of Battlefield V made sure that a day one, or week two, or early access full-version pre-order weekend release of Anthem would be a no-go.

Others used a little bit of Photoshopping to rearrange the date and the name to a more properly talked about and heavily anticipated title, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, as well as geared players toward Digital Extremes’ Warframe.

Others actually managed to threaten the cancellation of their pre-order due to the ridiculous nature of the scattershot release of Anthem like some kind of buckshot round on a target at the bottom of an empty barrel.

Twitter user Pierced Spirit seemed to have the best suggestion for gamers who were confused at the chart and were trying to figure out all the different versions of the game.

I didn’t think it was possible, but EA and BioWare actually managed to generate anti-hype for a game, letting people know exactly what days and dates it would be available, so discerning gamers know exactly when not to purchase the game. It also doesn’t help when YouTubers like TheRedTieGuy put out comparison videos showing just how downgraded Anthem is compared to its E3 debut trailer.


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