Azur Lane English Version Update Censors Loading Screen Pantsu, Cleavage [Update]
Azur Lane Censored

[Update 2/1/2019:] On Twitter user Michal confirmed that in the latest update for the English version of Azur Lane, the loading screens have been restored to the uncensored version of the game. Some have said that it was a bug for these particular screenshots and that the developers corrected the issue as soon as they were informed.

Azur Lane Uncensored Loading Screen (English)

[Original article:] The English version of Azur Lane was recently updated with a new waifu and some brand new, tempting CG artwork during the loading screens. The only problem is that the loading screens in the English version have been censored.

Gamers noticed that during one of the loading screens following the latest update for the game, the English version took liberties with the placement of a certain tag, as well as covering up more of the girls’ cleavage. You can see the comparison below, with the English version at the top and the Japanese version at the bottom.

Azur Lane Censored Eng Loading Screen

Azur Lane Uncensored JP Loading Screen

Now some gamers are unsure if this is a bug on the end of the developers, and that the English version is mistakenly using assets from the more censored Chinese version of the game, or if Yongshi and Manjuu purposefully made sure that the English version was just as censored as the Chinese version. Keep in mind that there were bugs in the past that resulted in the jiggle physics for some of the Live 2D characters to not work as intended, which was later fixed.

Either way, this isn’t the first time that the game was censored. Back in December of 2018, the Isokaze New Year’s skin was actually censored across the board, even for the Japanese version after the developers received complaints from a bunch of SJW Japanese players saying that the Chinese version looked better and that the Japanese skin was too lewd. The developers complied by censoring the English, Japanese, and Chinese versions of the skin.

It’s a shame because the new Iridescent Rosa L2D skin was well received by gamers in all its busty glory.

The mobile game is currently available right now over on the iTunes App Store and for Android devices via the Google Play outlet.

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