Bad Town, GTA-Style R18+ Sex Sim Launches On DLSite With A Free Demo

Bad Town

Savvy an open-world, sandbox adventure game? Well, there’s Grand Theft Auto for that. But what if you wanted to be a real criminal? Someone who took with them the ways of prison showers and late night cot raids? Those sort of games don’t seem to exist in frequency… until now.

Developer Fox Muffer decided to make a game where you run around in an open-world sandbox and do whatever you want. The game takes place in a cyberpunk looking environment. You’re able to create and customize your own character, acquire a variety of weapons, including bows, rocket launchers, and assault rifles, along with facing off against enemies, monsters, and bosses. Oh yeah, and there’s plenty of hardcore, R18+ sexual content in the game as well.

You can check out the very NSFW launch trailer below.

So basically the games is like Phantasy Star Online meets Grand Theft Auto meets a raunchy Second Life modification.

According to the store page description, you can battle NPC enemies at any time in the open-world sandbox. Battles can also break out nearly anywhere, so you’ll always have to be on your guard.

It’s also mentioned that the different NPCs each have their own unique characteristics and behaviors that react to the way you interact with the game world.

They also have a dynamic camera system implemented for when it’s time to get down and dirty and culturally enrich the hot anime chicks within the game world with your incomparably hard behavior.

It looks like some developers are elevating their skills beyond just R18+ RPG Maker titles or visual novels. You can download Fox Muffler’s Bad Town demo for free. Just make sure you have 1.17GB free for the demo. Alternatively you can also buy the full game for $28 from over on the DLSite store page.

Also, don’t expect to see this game on Steam anytime soon given that some “Rogue Employees” might claim it promotes “child exploitation”.

(Thanks for the news tip JimmieTheRustle)

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