Fallout 76 Updates Are Still Causing Fan Disgruntlement

In case you don’t know, AAA studios are focusing on live-service games as of late. This means the game you pay for or install (sometimes for free) will update over the course of time and offer content throughout its lifespan via in-game purchase mechanisms. The former model (a paid game with MTX) has become more prevalent, but during this process it has become rather frustrating for fans, especially in the recent case of Fallout 76.

Bethesda Game Studios’ Fallout 76 — a game that released with the price tag of $59.99 — had a troubled beta and an equally troubled launch. But even after multiple patches and updates, the game is still reported to have major issues even on its 100th day of existence, which gamers and fans alike are disgruntled over.

Yes, the team celebrated Fallout 76 reaching 100 days of being out in the wild as seen below.

Contrary to celebrating with the team over Fallout 76 reaching 100 days of being out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, most fans took to the tweet to speak the mad truth:






But why all the hate as of now? Well, there are many answers to that very question.

The vocal disgruntlement over Fallout 76 reaching 100 days of being alive can be boiled down to a list of things, but something that plays a factor can be found on r/fo76 titled “Insta-Healing enemies, disappearing loot, unable to loot, Legendaries with no loot – Major bugs still here.” The listed post by reddit user 3mixxary reads:

I realized I was able to twitch the end of the run. In this highlight you can see the 3 star legendary insta-healing (and once doing it as it should) and no legendary loot. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/386603496


The entire twitch stream shows some spinning/thinking issues with loot piles, the 1 weight in loot that I previously killed that offered me nothing, my success in getting some legendary loot with others (so it was not a constant issue, but this was when I realized I had to go Melee to make a dent, so that can be a factor) . and also, interestingly, that I could not lot my own water purifier or extractor. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/386158889




original post:


I hoped into F76 yesterday after about 2 weeks off. Good news was I was not banned… never duped but reports here indicated they casted a large net.


Did a Uranium fever run.. no issues there. so thankful for the legendary wood armor. When I left a nuke went off in Whitespring so I ran around and ran into the following issues.


— With a variety of weapons I would have ghouls heal back the damage I just inflicted. It did not happen all the time, but enough to force me through tons of ammo.


— If I killed a ghoul or legendary by myself, I would likely get legendary loot. If I damaged them with a group of non-teamed players, I would not, even if I got the first hit. This is not the spinning wheel issue (although I had that on 20+ corpses). They would show nothing as loot, and if I went to the transfer option, it would show zero loot although they would have a weight in their container of 1.


— There were times I would click on a corpse and for a moment ai would see an item, and then it would disappear as if ninja-looted.


these are not game=breaking bugs (except the insta-healing… but in a . way that just ups the difficulty). But Loot-hunting is a core appeal of the game and it is not working.


Well except for that wood armor…. got a few sets of that….”

On the same post, user PanhuWoW explains how friends are turning invisible:

“Biggest and most ANNOYING bug of all time is having players/friends go completely invisible, had a friend recently buy and play it with me, but we kept turning invisible to each other, made a REALLY bad first impression on the game and I honestly felt really embarrassed because it took a lot of convincing to get him to buy the game after the awful reviews.”

Most people are both amazed and angry at how the team behind Fallout 76 can introduce new and old bugs while trying to squash issues that existed in Fallout 4 — a title that released back in the late part of 2015.

Lastly, a Bethesda Game Studios’ dev, Valseek, took to the post made by 3mixxary and claims the above bugs and issues will be tackled soon, assuming more bugs aren’t created in the next update.


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