Blizzard Censors Jaina’s Cleavage In Hearthstone
Jaina Censored

Blizzard Entertainment censored the cleavage on Jaina’s card art in the card game, Hearthstone. This was originally spotted by some users in the Hearthstone sub-reddit, but it wasn’t until it made it to the Kotaku In Action thread did some users dig a little bit into the claims to discover that yes, Jaina Proudmoore’s cleavage has been censored.

User centrum555 posted the video footage comparing the original card of Jaina to the most recent update that now features some extra coverage over her torso cannons, which used to be able to create automatic pelvic growth spurts for males through ocular fixation.

You can see the original card in action courtesy of Brian Kibler’s YouTube channel where you can see Jaina in a solo round.

There’s also a stream from LookSam that showcases the latest iteration of Jaina, which you can check out below.

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For gamers who have no interest in watching both videos, there’s an enlarged comparison between the two different versions you can check out below, which reveals that in the original Jaina art she had some very ample assets in which to compliment her reasons for being proud… more-so than her newest iteration, anyway. In the updated art Jaina has a white cloth covering up her cleavage just enough so that you can no longer see any bits of skin exposing her boobs.

Hearthstone Jaina Proudmoore Censored

Some people were puzzled as to why Blizzard would censor something so insignificant, but Blizzard is a Left-leaning company that is heavily intertwined within the SocJus culture.

The company wasn’t above turning a character gay just to virtue signal for a minority demographic.

Blizzard also prevented e-sports competitors from sharing Pepe memes on their social media accounts.

Blizzard also bans people from Overwatch based on off-site behavior.

The company even partnered with Twitch for chat integration to make it easier to ban players from Blizzard games based on what they say in Twitch’s chat.

But beyond all of that, censoring cleavage is the in-thing right now. Google, in fact, has been enforcing censorship of cleavage recently, with games like Winter Wolves’ Vera Blanc being forced to censor its art, along with Aquatrax’s Zyon also forced to censor the cleavage on its female characters.

It appears more and more companies are enforcing the censorship of female characters to adhere to the Social Justice Warrior standard of covering up women as much as possible. In combination with Sony’s censorship policies and Valve’s inconsistent banning policies on Steam, it’s easy to see why some gamers are so on edge these days when it comes to censorship. Heck, even card games aren’t safe.

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