Born Punk, Cyberpunk Adventure Stars A Strong Female Protagonist But Not the SJW Kind
Born Punk

Falko von Falkner from YouTube outlet Top Hats and Champagne has started up an indie outfit called Insert Disk 22. The new studio is currently hard at work on the newly announced project called Born Punk, which is a choice-driven adventure game that will be making its debut on Kickstarter starting February 5th. Ahead of the Kickstarter’s debut, a gameplay video was released featuring 13 minutes of Born Punk, along with a downloadable demo that gamers can get their hands on in order to test out the game for themselves.

The game stars a strong-female protagonist, but Falkner assures us that this is not the SJW kind of protagonist. Gamers will dive into the adventure as a character whose mind begins to be taken over by a rogue artificial intelligence. In some circles this is a fetish, but for Born Punk this is the premise of where the story starts.

Players will have to thwart the AI takeover and uncover its mysterious roots, all while dealing with the choices and consequences that come with the procedure to remove the AI from her brain. You can check out the 13 minute gameplay video below, which was posted up over on the Insert Disk 22 YouTube channel.

The demo starts with the character, Eevi, waking up from a hangover. She’s missing her hand, so the first thing that players have to do is find her missing hand. Once she gets it back we see that she has retractable blades in the fist.

Like a classic point-and-click game, you’ll have to complete various tasks before you move on to the next task.

The demo focuses on getting rid of Eevie’s hangover, but halfway through the demo there’s a fourth-wall breaking segment involving a talking cat that explains that even though the game is a dark cyberpunk story, there’s still an undertone of humor to keep the game lighthearted enough so as to give the game some sense of levity.

One neat feature of the game is that you can use Eevie’s hand-blade to interact with objects, and utilize physical force to progress.

However, part of the issue with games today is that while Insert Disk 22 may be pushing for a strong female protagonist who isn’t an SJW, a lot of the character traits are still kind of typical of the SJW’s depiction of how women are portrayed in media: single, cat-owner, drunk with a snarky attitude.

It seems rare that we get to play a dangerous introvert; or a savvy business-minded chick who is cunning and manipulative; an assassin who uses her feminine guile to get what she wants; or an optimistic hacker with a sadistic streak. It seems like the archetype for the standard female character is always stuck in a rut that appeals only to a certain kind of demographic.

Then again, Born Punk isn’t finished, and with the Kickstarter set to get underway soon, hopefully the game will give players a lot more choice than what we see in the demo in terms of how Eevie’s personality evolves.

You can keep track of when the Kickstarter goes live on February 5th by visiting the official Kickstarter page. You can check out the demo for Born Punk by downloading it from the page.


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