Caligula Effect Trailer Takes Digs At ‘Gross Otaku Dudes’, Leaving Some Gamers Confused
The Caligula Effect Men Are The Worst

In today’s culture war climate there seems to be a lot of outfits out there taking aim at straight white males, otakus, and anything remotely related to hardcore gaming culture. Game journalists hate their own audience, they hate games with sexy women in them, and they especially hate when gamers point out that they like sexy women. However, in the upcoming title The Caligula Effect: Overdose for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Steam, the NIS America title seems to also take digs at otakus, based on the latest trailer for the game.

NIS America posted up the clip on their YouTube channel, titled “Men Are The Worst”. It follows the characters Ayana Amamoto and Sweet-P having a discussion in the hot bath while talking about how horrible, disgusting, dirty, and greasy otaku dudes are.

The two meet in the bath and Ayana-chan asks Sweet-P about her profession, to which Sweet-P responds by saying she’s an idol. The two then discuss how terrible otaku culture must be for an idol, and how “men are the worst”.

The duo proceed to talk about how gross and terrible men are before the clip ends.

The conversation ends after Ayana-chan says she can’t stand being within 20 yards of men.

Sankaku Complex noted that some of the users questioned why NIS America would choose this particular clip to showcase of The Caligula Effect?

If you’re unfamiliar with the game and you just happened across the clip, you might think it’s some pro-feminist, anti-male game. If you may have heard of the game but were unsure about the character details, you might assume that the localizers decided to inject their own politics into the game (which has become a common trait among many Western localizers).

Some users passed it off as nothing, others were confused, and a few stated that this was likely part of an agenda by NIS America to court feminists.

Part of the confusion likely spawns from the fact that there was no setup to the clip. As linked to over on the Wiki page for the character Sweet-P, it’s revealed that in a past life she used to be an overweight male otaku, which would make the scene ironic given the discussion in the bathhouse. However, if you didn’t know that about the character it would just seem like a male-bashing scene between two young women.

The biggest issue is that NIS America decided to publish a clip out of context that seems to mirror a lot of what’s being said on Left-wing media outlets. This looks especially bad during today’s caustic climate, which is wrapped up in identity politics.

Did NIS intend to leave gamers in the dark just to get them talking about the clip? Was it an intentional troll job? Or were they just being cheeky? Given that NIS doesn’t have the best of reputations in the core community, it seems like a risky move.

I suppose we’ll find out more when The Caligula Effect launches on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC on March 12th, 2019 next month.

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