Captain Marvel Rotten Tomatoes Censorship Circumvented Due To Dissenter Extension

Captain Marvel

You can try to silence the opinion of the people through overt censorship, which is what Rotten Tomatoes tried to do by completely removing the negative ratings for all the movies across the site. But where there’s a Dissenter, there’s a way. users have installed the Dissenter comment extension into their browsers and have resumed their rightful duty of expressing their honest opinion about not wanting to see the upcoming theatrical release of Captain Marvel over on the Rotten Tomatoes page.

If you’re unsure about what Dissenter is, it’s a free to use extension that you can easily hook into your browser by downloading the extension from over on the Dissenter website.

As showcased in the video by Vee, users have been pelting the Captain Marvel Rotten Tomatoes page with negative comments, picking up where they left off before Rotten Tomatoes removed the ability to leave comments on movies that haven’t been released yet.

This comes after Rotten Tomatoes removed the negative ratings system, which many believed was in response to all the negative feedback that the movie was receiving after Brie Larson, the lead actress, made denigrating remarks about white males.

The controversy and the censorship was covered in full by YouTube outlet Nerdrotic.

Before the negative ratings were removed, the film had averaged around a 31% anticipation rating, but had reportedly hovered as low as 28%. Most people assumed that Rotten Tomatoes were acting on behalf of Disney in order to protect the branding image of Captain Marvel, and reduce the marketing stigma that the film was not as hotly anticipated as the media have made it out to be.

In an article published on February 26th, 2019 over on CNET , president of Fandango, Paul Yanover, told the outlet that the Rotten Tomatoes subsidiary was not censoring negative feedback to protect Captain Marvel

“(The changes) are not simply a reaction to, ‘Oh, gee, there’s some noise created around (certain movies),”

Yanover may claim that the change to Rotten Tomatoes’ pre-release user functionality wasn’t in response to all of the negative feedback aimed at Captain Marvel, but it arrived conveniently after mainstream media started attacking the site for allowing “trolls” to brigade the page and pelt it with negative comments, disinterested impressions, or constructive criticism.

Regardless of the real reasons behind the change, users aren’t letting the Dissenter comment extension go to waste and they’re already pushing back against the Rotten Tomatoes censorship by making their voices heard… again.

(Thanks for the news tip Vee)

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