Catherine: Full Body Voice Actress Says Localizers Will Adjust ‘Bigotry’ For Western Release
Catherine Full Body

A voice actor working on the Western release of Atlus’ Catherine: Full Body, which is due out on September 3rd later this year on the PS4, made some public comments about how the localizers are addressing some of the content in the game following a made-up nontroversy from ResetEra that managed to trend on social media following the release of the game in Japan, where SJWs claimed that the game was “transphobic” and “queerphobic”.

Sankaku Complex spotted a Discord message from voice actress Erin Fitzgerald, who claimed that the localizers would be adjusting the game to deal with “bigotry”. You can view the message from the Discord channel below, which was posted on February 19th, 2019.

If you’re unable to read the image, it states…

“I am officially allowed to report I am Erica and Trisha the Midnight Venus in Catherine: Full Body….. I will not discuss the new content until the game is released and people have experienced it. Know the localization team took the translation very seriously in terms of trying to adjust bigotry represented in the Japanese version…. we won’t know if it was successful til the audience plays it and reports back.”

The post on Discord came several days after Fitzgerald had a conversation on Twitter about the discussion while the news about Catherine: Full Body was trending on social media.

It started when Erin Fitzgerald retweeted a fan condemning Atlus and praising the character Erica. In a follow-up tweet posted on February 16th, 2019, the voice actress explained the following.

It was three days later that Erica would make the comments on the Discord channel proclaiming that the localization team was taking the issue very “seriously”.

This news did not go down well with Niche Gamer editor-in-chief Brandon Orselli, who retorted that

This has created more consternation within the community because some gamers are now worried that the localization may actually be compromised.

There are a lot of comments within the core community that believe that the Western localizers at Atlus might bend the knee to the faux outrage that was generated over the original ending in the Japanese version of Catherine: Full Body.

The original complaints was that in one of the endings the trans character Erica was allegedly turned back into a male and lived out life as a gay man after being convinced not to transition by another character. This was turned out to be untrue according to people who actually played the game. Nevertheless, the outrage machine was already in the works and word spread around social media that Catherine: Full Body was “queerphobic” and “transphobic”.

So now we have one of the voice actresses claiming that the localization team will address the “bigotry” from the Japanese version that was never actually there to begin with.

How this all turns out is anyone’s guess at this point, but Catherine: Full Body is still a long ways off from its Western release, which is scheduled for September 3rd, 2019.

However, if you feel it’s imperative to inform Atlus about keeping the localization pure, there is a way to reach them. Otaquest is reporting that there is an Atlus survey you can take, where you can let them know how you feel about their games and the localization.

(Thanks for the news tip Narmy and Ebicentre)


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