Chex Quest HD Trailer Previews Overhauled 3D Graphics, Gameplay
Chex Quest HD

Chuck Jacobi revealed a new trailer for the HD remake of Chex Quest HD, which is a complete remake of the classic 1996 first-person shooter on PC. The game will be free when it releases, featuring five single-player levels based on the first episode of the series that was bundled into the Chex cereal boxes back when shareware was all the rage.

The remake, however, is not just a collection of HD sprites upscaled for today’s generation of gaming, it’s actually a complete overhaul featuring all new high definition models, updated sound effects, and 3D renditions of the levels that were featured in the original outing.

The intro sequence and some of the gameplay were put on showcase in the new gameplay trailer, which you can check out below.

For a lot of kids growing up, this was one of the games that helped shape their childhood, especially when angry mothers feared that all forms of first-person shooters were too violent and unhealthy and would turn their kids into psycho killers. Thankfully, a lot of dads knew what was up and Chex Quest – back in the day – was a happy compromise that allowed kids (and dads) to play first-person shooters without worrying about mommy pointing the finger and admonishing the household for indulging in “violent video games”.

It was basically a kids version of DOOM or Blake Stone, just without any of the gore or traditional sci-fi weaponry, so everything seemed family friendly and wholesome enough for kids of all ages. I used to hate the sound effects in Chex Quest because the enemies always sounded horribly annoying and the weapons had some of the goofiest noises imaginable.

Anyway, Chex Quest definitely holds a special place in the hearts of a lot of gamers from the yesteryears of gaming back when it was creative and companies like Midway were actually pushing the boundaries with titles like Mortal Kombat. These days NetherRealm are trying to keep it tame in order to avoid any controversies with the moral busybodies that control today’s media.

But back to main point… according to Jacobi, he has the permission of General Mills to use the logos and trademarks in Chex Quest HD. Once the first five levels are complete they’ll be released for free. Later on down the line he also has plans on releasing all of the levels once they’re done.

A lot of people in the YouTube comment section are hoping that General Mills will strike a deal with Jacobi and include Chext Quest HD as a free download in the cereal boxes just like they did back in the 1990s. It would be a pretty cool thing if they did do that.

You can keep track of development for Chex Quest HD by paying a kind visit to the official < href= target=”_blank”>Facebook page.


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