Criminal Girls X Coming To PC, Mobile; Devs Want To Release On PS4 Even With Censorship Policies In Place
Criminal Girls X

Mikage announced that Criminal Girls X is currently in the works with a release scheduled to take place on smartphones and on PC. There’s no release date in place just yet, but you can expect to learn more about the game come April 26th, 2019 this spring.

Gematsu not only reported on the news but is also working with Mikage for the English language translations relating to the press materials. They haven’t yet signed any deals with Nippon Ichi Software, so it’s still a toss-up whether or not the game will get an English-language release in the West under the Criminal Girls name, since Nippon Ichi Software has only granted Mikage the rights to use the Criminal Girls name for release in Japan… for now.

The upcoming Criminal Girls X is supposed to be a celebration of the 10th anniversary for the original Criminal Girls, but it will also support VR capabilities on the mobile versions of the game. You can get a glimpse of the project with the teaser trailer below.

We don’t get to see any actual in-game play, but we do get the general gist of the game’s plot, where players will be attempting to reform a criminal girl using the game’s mixture of RPG dungeon crawling and BDSM punishment.

And obviously, this is where we get into the discussion about the game’s appearance on the PlayStation 4.

Given Sony’s PS4 censorship policies, various games have had to remove CG images, alter story elements, or in the case of Senran Kagura and Mary Skelter 2, completely remove game modes.

According to Gematsu, Mikage is still intent on releasing the game on the PS4, with the site writing…

“[…] As we are developing Criminal Girls X with PC as the base platform, there is potential to expand to various platforms. American companies have gotten in touch with us with proposals to release the game on platforms such as PlayStation 4. If we can get support from the fans on Twitter, we are hoping to challenge various platforms in a number of countries.”

So basically, what this means is that Criminal Girls X will be uncensored on PC, but if it does make its way to PS4, expect all sorts of other concessions needing to be made in order to accommodate Sony’s policies.

We’ll find out what the release window will be for the PC and mobile version come April 26th, as well as if Nippon Ichi Software will give the go-ahead to release the game in the West under the Criminal Girls X moniker.

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