Criminal Girls X Punishment System Can’t Be Done Due To Recent Rating Conditions

Criminal Girls X

Ryoei Mikage, the head honcho of Mikage LLC, the development studio working on Criminal Girls X, told the Japanese outlet Inside Games that the “Punishment” system that the series became infamous for is no longer going to be in the game in the way that it used to be. The old Punishment system was removed and replaced with a new system.

The interview was published on February 18th, 2019, and Sankaku Complex spotted a passage from Mikage who was asked about the Punishment system in Criminal Girls X, to which he responded by saying…

“Everyone might already be aware this, but there’s been recent changes in the situation regarding the classification system, and so regrettably the ‘Punishment’ system from the [Criminal Girls] series is a theme that can’t be done at the present time.


“It’s a little bit strict for games, no? The rules for animated films and movies are surprisingly loose… hopefully someone can help me out.”

It’s unclear if he’s talking about the ratings board changing in Japan when it comes to CERO or if he’s referring to some other regulation, but Criminal Girls X hasn’t been confirmed for the PS4 even though Mikage had mentioned that he wanted the game to be on the PS4 when the collaboration with Gematsu was announced.

Valve also has a regulatory system where games go through a review, but I can’t imagine that they would deny the game’s release on Steam due to the Punishment system, which is basically an interactive intimacy mode where players spank, grab, and fondle the girls to “punish” them for when they behave badly, which can also increase the player’s affinity with the girls. It’s a saucy mode that has been a staple feature in Criminal Girls series. You can see what it’s like with the video below from Red’s 3rd Dimension Gaming.

Nevertheless, Mikage went on to explain that a new system would be implemented to replace the old system…

“And even if you challenged the black box, you can’t win, so we’ve been thinking about the most important part of the game and the motif about pure love, so we thought about how to substitute the ‘Punishment’ system.


“I was looking at the mode and instantly said “Oh, this is what you came up with?” But I would have to get the agreement from the whole development team first before explaining it, otherwise they might use the ‘Punishment’ system on me if I talk about it before it’s completed.


“It needs to be perfect for its release, and it still needs some polish. So I’m sorry I can’t talk about it more.


“For the time being, I can ask you this: What would you want from your most beloved, dearest person in your life? I will tell you.”

The interviewer responded with “Hugs?” and Mikage joked that they’ll have to consider it while laughing.

Obviously this does nothing for fans of Criminal Girls or those looking forward to Criminal Girls X on PC and mobile devices. While Mikage was coy about placing blame on any single regulatory body, we still don’t know exactly what “ratings” system he’s referring to? He could be referring to the countries that banned Criminal Girls 2 even after it was censored. Most on Sankaku Complex assume he means the tightened regulations circulating most of Japan in lieu of the 2020 summer Olympics set to take place in Tokyo.

It is true that some companies have begun banning things like hentai magazines from store shelves and shopping marts to accommodate foreigners visiting the country for the Olympics.

Sony has also been enforcing their own censorship regulation policies, but if Criminal Girls X isn’t officially announced for the PS4 then why would that be a problem? Either way, it appears as if the game’s staple feature will no longer be appearing in the title. More info is set to arrive come April 26th this spring.

(Thanks for the news tip 1Dream1Unity)

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