Devil May Cry 5 HYDE Music Video Teases Demons And Destruction
Devil May Cry 5

A music video trailer for Devil May Cry 5 made in collaboration with the group HYDE has released, featuring all new gameplay snippets and a few of the bosses players will encounter throughout the hack-and-slash adventure.

The two minute video is chock full of hardcore action, featuring Dante and Nero doing battle against various forms of demons that look like they crawled out of the nightmares that cause grown men to sweat, cry, and scream all night long.

You can check out the two minute video below, which was posted up over on the Capcom YouTube channel.

The music video features HYDE dressed up like the heroes from Devil May Cry 5 while we see the heroes and their female companions utilizing their skills against a variety of foes.

The music video is actually one of the few times where incorporating clips from the game actually seems to work well with the actual song, and it’s not some embarrassing mish-mash of cheesy music and dissonant imagery filling up the screen. HYDE actually seems to get into character to make the action and the visuals come together with a nice bit of synergy. It’s almost like they actually respect the source material, opposite of most Western musicians who are tasked with making songs for video games.

Anyway, Devil May Cry 5 has been topping some of the pre-order charts in Japan and there are some people actually excited for the upcoming game. The only really major criticism from fans so far is that characters like Lady and Trish don’t look as hot as they used to, which is a shame.

Some people have blamed the photogrammetry technique that Capcom used to bring the characters to life while others blamed the models that Capcom brought in. Either way, the dudes like fine as usual but in today’s culture war women are going to be scrutinized a heck of a lot more due to SJW agitators trying to uglify them at every turn.

Anyway, you can look for Devil May Cry 5 to launch this March for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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