Drain Dungeon 2 R18+ RPG English Version Arrives On DLsite
Drain Dungeon 2

The erotic dungeon-crawling role-playing game from Flamme Soft called Drain Dungeon 2, has recently released on DLsite in English. You can pick up a digital copy of the game right now for just $12.66.

The game sees players taking on the role of an adventurer who one day ends up getting cursed by a succubus, where she drains him of all his levels. The curse makes it where no matter what he does, he always has to give himself over to the succubus every night.

The hero can never get stronger due to the succubus, but he wants to finally make things right and give his sister a proper life, so he steels his loins to brave the dungeon and eventually become a doughty, hoe-slaying knight, using his flesh sword to put down a variety of lovely ladies and monster girls while training to raise his level by venturing through the dungeon.

There’s a very NSFW trailer you can check out by clicking through the image below to see how the game is played.

The start of the game seems simple enough, with players traveling through the deepest depths of the dungeon in order to defeat enemies and get stronger.

The game is described as a one-way roguelike, non-field RPG, where you can make some light choices in the dungeon to battle monsters, acquire resources and eventually encounter some hot anime chicks throughout the dungeon where you can bang them. Unfortunately the game does contain mosaic censorship, in case you were wondering.

Even though the game description page states that there is nothing particularly hardcore in the game, the actual game itself seems to belie that point. There is all sorts of hardcore sex scenes in the game, with a variety of positions and acts to encounter – in fact there are 42 base CGs in the game and 47 H-scenes.

The game features pixel art from Sumisenchi and CG illustrations from pimoco and Nemuko Urabe. You can check out the free trial before you buy the full thing or you can get your hands on the full version by purchasing it from the DLsite store page.


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