Emily’s Adventure, Fist Of Love, The Cursed Love Banned From Steam
Fist of Love

While a lot of gamers were focused on various other high-profile bans that took place on Steam, such as Victory Project, there were a couple of other ecchi and adult-oriented games that flew under the radar that were also wiped out of the Steam storefront in December, 2018 and January, 2019. Some of the games removed from the store had been available for nearly a year.

First up on the list is Emily’s Adventure, which was banned from the Steam store back on January 9th, 2019, according to the Steam Database. The game had been available since July 18th, 2018. Obviously no reason for the ban was given, and the forum page is practically empty, other than someone asking if there are any keys left.

The game was made by Good Game Studio, but it appears there are no other titles from this outfit on Steam. The RPG Maker game contained some ecchi sequences, but since it was released before the adult filters were in place, it didn’t appear to contain any R18+ content.

It could be that the developer may have violated some terms of service protocol and Valve removed them and their game from the storefront. However, given that there’s no information on the ban, it’s difficult to tell. According to a Google cache archive, there were mixed reviews on the Store page for the $2.99 game, but it’s not possible to see why exactly the game had mixed reviews.

Another one that got aced was Agent Girl from BCD Game and Tao Game Studio. It’s another RPG Maker-style game that was available on Steam since February 24th, 2018. The game was available for just $5.99, according to a Google cache. It was banned from Steam back on December 15th, 2018, according to the Steam Database.

Why exactly was it removed? No clear answer.

However, there were a few people in the forums who noted that they had problems booting up the game back during the initial release, but they found a way around that problem. If that was the actual issue as to why the game was removed, then it seemed like Valve may have been a year too late. However, Agent Girl was not one of those games with any kind of R18+ content, nor any kind of nudity.

Nevertheless, it was removed from Steam back in December of 2018, along with two games that went unnoticed, The Cursed Love and Fist of Love.

Fist of Love - Maid To Please

According to the Steam Database The Cursed Love had been available since August 16th, 2018. It was published by Chinese studio Biubiubiu, which was also responsible for Fist of Love, which launched on October 1st, 2018 but was also banned on December 15th, 2018. Both games were released on Steam as the all-ages version, which meant they did not contain R18+ content for the Steam release. However, Biubiubiu did have R18+ patches available off-site.

It’s difficult to tell what Fist of Love was about and the Google caches are already gone. The Cursed Love, however, appeared to be a visual novel dating sim of sorts, where you could dress up the main character and engage in some slice of life activities. Some gameplay screenshots are still available over on the Steam Community page.

The Cursed Love

Again, since there’s no information on why the games were banned it’s unclear what caused Valve to crack down on Biubiubiu, but all of the publisher’s games have been removed from the Steam store.

According to some of the people who frequented the forums, they shopped around the theory that Biubiubiu may have violated Steam’s terms of service and Valve may have banned them from the storefront. Others speculated that some of Biubiubiu games contained stolen art from Pixv artists and so – under the condition of using copyrighted material without permission – Valve banned the publisher.

Again, it’s speculation, which is all the community has to go by.

The banning of Emily’s Adventure looks a bit more suspect since it was already available on Steam for an entire year before being removed.


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