Far Cry: New Dawn Gameplay Walkthrough
Far Cry New Dawn Walkthrough

Ubisoft released Far Cry: New Dawn on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The game features the continuation of the story after the apocalyptic ending of Far Cry 5, where Joseph Seed’s warning about the end of the world came true. A Mad Max-style survival ecology where only the strongest rule. Players will have to stop two SJW-style black criminals, Mickey and Lou, from terrorizing the land.

For gamers looking for a walkthrough of the action, there’s one available from the YouTube outlet PlayGames. The playlist covers the complete Far Cry: New Dawn walkthrough from start to finish.

There’s a short cinematic that explains how the two black twins have begun running roughshod over the settlements and towns that were part of the rebuilding process following the nuclear holocaust.

Crawling From The Wreckage

When the townsfolk attempt to get help from an enforcer and his men, the train is derailed, forcing the Captain, Thomas Rush, and Garrett Barnes to have to make their way through the wreckage and try to get to safety.

Move down through the train wreckage and revive any injured passengers you encounter. Hold down Square on the PS4 Dualshock or ‘X’ on the Xbox One controller to revive the passengers.

You’ll encounter an enemy NPC beating up a woman. Press in the right analog stick to perform a stealth takedown from behind.

There are a number of Highwaymen around the wreckage – you can actually take all of them out stealthily as you make your way to the armory, where you can acquire some additional weapons, including a rocket launcher and some shotgun ammo.

Far Cry New Dawn – Survivor

Carmina Rye, the daughter of Nicholas Rye, saves the Captain and the duo have to make their way back to Hope County.

Move along the linear path and grab some of the herbs and resources by holding down Square on the DualShock or ‘X’ on the Xbox controller.

Follow the nav point to the abandoned shack and use the workbench to use your gear to make a weapon.

You can find some components, ammo, duct tape, and saw parts around the saw mill. Also, there’s a branch on the left side of the gated storage room and you can use the branch to break the lock to get into the storage area.

Head up and around the sawmill to get your hands on all the components and then craft the sawlauncher.

Far Cry New Dawn - The Twins

After you craft the sawlauncher you’ll need to make your way back to the breach to take out the Highwaymen.

Ubisoft seems to be an equal opportunity enabler of violence, as you’ll be gutting and eviscerating just as many women as men.

Follow the nav point to the bridge. There is a guy on the watchtower in front of the bridge that you’ll need to take out first and foremost.

It’s best to use stealth to take down as many enemies as possible, since there’s around two dozen foes you’ll have to fight and you’ll only have the sawlauncher as a weapon just up until you reach the tunnel where a shotgun will be on the ground.

Once you exit the tunnel another cinematic will play.

You can choose to customize your character using the duffel bag on the counter.

You can change your face, skin color, pants, shirt, hat, hair, and glasses.

Once you get done customizing your character Kim Rye will be your mission giver.

Kim explains that you’ll need to secure resources, rescue Thomas Rush and the other heroes, and rebuild Hope County, starting with the small town of Prosperity.

Typical of a Ubisoft game, the heroes that you have to rescue are all “diverse”, including Grace Armstrong, Selene, and a guy named Bean.

Your first major task is to rescue Bean, since he’s the closest to you.

You can also craft vehicles and other combat supplies, but at the start of the game you’ll be too noob to do anything useful.

While you may not have any vehicles in the garage, there is an ATV just outside the compound you can use to travel along the roadways.

You’ll find Bean, the creator of Wikibeania, out at a ruined abode. Before he joins you you’ll need to go deal with Richard and get back his business plan.

There’s also supply drops that get dropped off occasionally and one will be just a couple dozen meters from Bean’s place. You can gain some crafting resources from the drop before moving on.

Head to the farm, kill the Highwaymen and chase down Richard, who is in his underwear; chase after him, but don’t kill him, as he’ll lead you to his stash where you’ll need to recover the business plan.

The business plan is located at a stash guarded by a handful of Highwaymen.

One of the enemy are a heavy who is heavily armored, it will take around five or six shots to put him down for good. First take out the smaller enemies, including the flamethrower guy, and then put down the heavy before entering into the bunker.

Far Cry New Dawn - Kim Rye

When you get the business plan, make your way back to Bean to complete the mission.

Now unlike other Far Cry games where you can magically fast travel, you have to unlock that ability by leveling up your Expedition skill.

Along the way you’ll also encounter outposts that will pop up on the map during your travels. You’ll need to clear out all of the enemies in order to take the Outpost – the first one you’ll encounter will be along the pathway toward the mines.

If you can stealthily take over the outpost you can avoid having them call for reinforcements – if you can’t stop them from calling for reinforcements, then you’ll end up having to face off against at least five to ten more foes.

You can also choose to scavenge outposts or leave them alone. If you scavenge them then the Highwaymen will take back the outpost, but you can then take it back, again, and earn even more resources.

The more resources you earn the easier it will be to rebuild Prosperity.

Breakout: The Coal Mine

The main story mission is to find Thomas Rush, which will require breaking him out of the compound.

Given that there are enemies patrolling around the mines, it will be difficult to complete the mission stealthily. However, if you use Carmina you can have her sneak in and take out some enemies while you take down the baddies in the surrounding area.

Once the enemies are cleared out, grab the mine keys on the table next to the water tower beside the mine building. Use the keys to enter into the building and then take the ladder downstairs.

There are a few enemies you’ll need to defeat while trekking through the mines. Once you reach the ladder a short cinematic will play and the Captain will reunite with Thomas Rush. The duo will make a daring escape. Man the turret while you shred through the Highwaymen up until Rush will ask you to drive the motorcycle back to the Prosperity compound.

When Rush is returned you’ll be able to start building up Prosperity, since they needed a straight, white male with good leadership skills to help get them working and being productive.

In order to further upgrade Prosperity you’ll need to acquire a second specialist and upgrade two other facilities to complete the mission. This means you’ll need to rescue Grace Armstrong.

You’ll find her inside of a compound. Clear out the compound and she’ll direct you to a prototype gun you can acquire from the train yard. She somehow built the gun even though she’s blind. It makes no sense but it’s all part of Ubisoft’s desire to keep pushing that diversity agenda for people disabled, black trans lesbians in wheelchairs with cyborg limbs.

Anyway, the old train yard isn’t too far away from where you rescued Grace.


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