FBI Investigations Into Discord Included Child Grooming Groups, Identify Thieves

Discord has been the subject of multiple FBI investigations over the last two years, according to warrants acquired by Forbes. In a detailed report published on January 29th, 2019, Forbes outlined a series of criminal events that the Federal Bureau of Investigation have been looking into since 2017.

The article covers warrants that detail various hacking and identify-theft groups, where members would use Discord to share information on stolen property, or property purchased with stolen credit cards and then resold through Discord channels.

Other groups were focused on selling stolen Amazon gift cards for half the price of what they were worth, so you could get a $100 Amazon gift card for just $50.

“Takeover software” groups also were on the FBI’s radar, which is software to take over various online websites. One of the more nefarious groups was Hells Gate, which was an account generator that gave users access to accounts from a wide variety of different services, from hijacked crypto wallets, to social media accounts, VPN services, porn accounts, streaming accounts, music accounts, gaming accounts, e-mail, file-hosting, proxies, and even food services.

However, there were also groups that appeared to be grooming children.

A couple of the FBI cases noted that some adults were using Discord to prey on children, lure them out out and then take them for presumably illicit purposes. Forbes cites a couple of cases involving kids being plucked off Discord by various groups, including a 22-year-old who managed to get his hands on a 12-year-old, and a group in Florida who abducted two teenage girls, one of which was originally contacted by one of the Floridians via Discord.

For those of you who were hoping this was about the FBI raiding Discord’s offices, you’ll likely be disappointed to find that the investigations entirely dealt with Discord users rather than Discord staff, this is despite the fact that some of the staff are apparently furies and are okay with underage furry porn but are against loli/shota porn.

The FBI doesn’t care about furries… for now.

The FBI is keeping an eye on Discord for channels that involve selling guns, drugs, and other illegal substances.

Given that Discord has direct access to monitoring user data, it seems like a poor service in which to conduct Darknet-style transactions, but it’s easy pickings for the FBI.


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