Freelance Game Journo Network Kicks Out Journalist Brad Glasgow For Criticizing Kotaku, Twitter Block Lists
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A Facebook group of game journalists kicked out a fellow game journalist, Brad Glasgow from the Game Objective outlet, due to his “public comments” that didn’t align with the group’s ideology.

Glasgow discussed the issue and potentially what the group found so offensive about his comments in a video that was posted up on February 20th, 2019 over on the Game Objective YouTube channel.

The message from the group administrator, David, is displayed at the three minute mark. It reads…

“Hey Brad,


“Just letting you know that we have removed you from the Freelance Game Journo group. There is no need for us to announce this publicly or in the group itself, but we wanted to make you aware. The decision was made following complaints from multiple group members as well as many of your public comments on social media that we feel conflict with group policies. The group was founded to help with issues in freelancing, we’ve found that you’ve tended to cross the line into controversy.”

Now if you’re wondering exactly what these “group policies” are, Glasgow actually provided a receipt, which states…

“This group is for freelance writers in the video game and tech industry, whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro. Use it to network, share insights, ask questions, and help one another out. Be nice, be helpful, keep it cool.”

Glasgow followed up by asking another administrator, Aron, which of the group policies he violated, and Aron responded by stating…

“While the group doesn’t have any firm policies, its main tenets focus on sharing work, helping fellow freelancers, and creating a safe networking space. After numerous complaints from other members we’ve found that you’ve been needlessly antagonistic and confrontational. Topics you’ve brought to the group over the Kotaku Atari investigation, block lists on Twitter, Kunkel Awards, and others indicate the inability to keep biases in check without starting arguments. Furthermore, these recent tweets were impossible to ignore […]”

So what were the tweets that Aron felt was inappropriate? It was the series of tweets Glasgow posted on February 11th, 2019 admonishing The Escapist for removing the editorial discussing ethics in journalism at the behest of Zoe Quinn.

This follows on several headbutting moments within the group where Glasgow stood against the ideological preference of certain members. For instance, he linked to his article defending Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell, who was falsely accused of sexual misconduct and prohibited from receiving a lifetime achievement award. Only, it turned out that the allegations were fabricated and he was never involved in any misconduct.

Anyway, Glasgow acknowledges that game journalism is nothing but a farce; a ball pen of immature hipsters who have formed an anti-gamer coalition of ideologically driven activism. This should come as no surprise given that a much more impactful version of that group, known as the GameJournoPros, were responsible for a lot of the misinformation that was spread about #GamerGate in 2014, framing it as a harassment campaign to steer criticisms away from their unethical behavior as media journalist.

It’s no surprise that even in the smaller cliques the journalist that mostly control the news you see, hear, read, and consume aren’t very fond of an objective journalist like Brad Glasgow who is openly unwilling to toe the party line.

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