Funbag Fantasy Squeezes Through The Waifu Purge And Launches on Steam
Funbag Fantasy

[Update:] According to MangaGamer, the Steam version of the game is 100% uncut and uncensored.

[Original article:] MangaGamer and Waffle’s adult-themed, mega-bag romp through a medieval fantasy setting involving lots of buxom babes with oversized fun-bags, actually managed to launch on Steam. I know what you’re thinking “With the waifu purge going on, how did this game manage to slip through the cracks?” I have no idea, but maybe Jason Ruymen and Arisa Sudangnoi were asleep at the console when this one plopped down on the certification table like big ‘ole bag of freshly squeezed milk.

The game is about a fellow named Lute Hende who does a poor job at the training academy and is relegated to serving in a poor-arse kingdom. However, while serving in the province of Boan, Lute manages to uncover a plot to overthrow the kingdom, and a bunch of hot, busty chicks (and a devilish succubus) in the region to quench his thirst for life.

Funbag Fantasy originally launched way back in 2016, but it took a while for the game to finally make its way onto the Steam storefront.

This one is a bit of a surprise given that a lot of games have been getting banned by Valve’s employees, mostly if they’re anime, visual novel, or adult-oriented games that contain ecchi, lots of fan-service, or sexual content. A number of games have already been banned, even though some of them were the all-ages version of the game and contained no explicit sexual content nor nudity.

Funbag Fantasy - A Knightly Woman

According to Valve’s vague rules, school settings and “child exploitation” are grounds for an instant ban. Although, some games that contained neither were still banned, such as Victory Project.

Either way, it looks like some adult-oriented games will still be allowed on Steam while others aren’t. According to the mature content description on the store page, the game still retains some of its adult themes, but it doesn’t say if it’s as uncensored as the R18+ version…

“This title is not suitable for players under the age of 18 or those who may find the following unpleasant or distasteful: graphic sexual encounters between adult men and women featuring exaggeratedly large breasts, mammary intercourse, oral sex, breast milk, and/or group sex.”

You can pick up a digital copy from the Steam store for $44.99. However, if you would prefer to get the R18+ uncensored version of the game, you can do so by grabbing a copy from the MangaGamer store page.

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