Girls Garrison Tower Defense Game And 7 Angels Dating Sim Launch Uncensored On Nutaku
Girls Garrison

A new tower defense strategy game called Girls Garrison and a new dating sim called 7 Angels have both launched onto the Nutaku storefront recently. The adult-oriented games are themed around erotic fantasy adventure that mixes different types of gameplay with some sexy-time fun.

Girls Garrison is a strategic real-time tower defense game, where you gather your forces, defend against invaders, and attempt to explore new locations set across 15 different regions and unlock up to 10 different seductive and sexy warriors that can join your team. As you complete missions and raise your affinity with the girls, building out your arsenal and rewarding your harem with gifts, you’ll unlock more than 60 different uncensored hardcore sex scenes.

Girls Garrison - Sexy CG

Girls Garrison is currently available to play for free over on the Nutaku store.

The second game, 7 Angels, is a dating sim where you play as a guy who has been cursed by a succubus for an eternity in hell, but the only way to break the curse is to become a sex god, and the only way to become a sex god you’ll have to bang as many chicks as you possibly can.

7 Angels centers around getting into the panties of seven angels of sex, and you’ll have to rely on completing their challenges and unlocking more than 500 uncensored kinky photos of the girls.

7 Angels - screenshot1

The concept reminds me a lot of HuniePop, just that instead of trying to win over the favor of girls just to bang them and see them nude, you’re desperately trying to exercise your swagger in order to save your poor soul. Depending on the choices you make throughout the game will determine what sort of ending you unlock.

You can get in on the action of 7 Angels right now over on the Nutaku store page.

Both games are free-to-play so there’s nothing really to lose by checking them out, but obviously you’ll have to determine if they’re worth your time and your money if you want anything more than the starting thrills.


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