God Eater 3 Gameplay Walkthrough
God Eater 3 Walkthrough (Copyright Bandai Namco)

Bandai Namco and Shift’s God Eater 3 is now out and available for the PS4 and PC. The action-RPG continues the giant monster, hack-and-slash genre that the previous games were known for, while attempting to infusing a bit of life and love into the franchise by allowing players to create their very own character. If you’re in need of a basic gameplay walkthrough guide for God Eater 3, there is one available.

YouTuber ShackD has a complete walkthrough playlist for the third-person, hack-and-slash RPG, which you can check out below.

After a minute and a half long anime intro sequence, which is typical Japanese fanfare, you’ll be greeted with a second intro cinematic.

This time the cinematic features a young kid being forced to become a god eater and given a weapon. In ShackD’s game he plays with the default character, but you can create your own character and make them as you want.

Once the second cinematic ends, you’ll be able to walk around in the room and modify your equipment and choose the mission.

D1 – Certification

God Eater 3 Controls

You can modify your main weapon, your secondary weapon, and a shield.

The basic controls are that you use the left analog to move around, the right analog moves the camera.

Press L1 to reset the camera position.

Press R1 and the left analog stick to dash, while Circle is to pick up items or step.

Pressing right-trigger and ‘X’ on the DualShock will allow you to dive.

Press ‘X’ to jump, press Triangle to utilize your weapon, or press Square to activate your shield.

Much like Monster Hunter or previous God Eater games, there’s a limited amount of stamina at your disposal. You can recharge your stamina either with items or by standing around and waiting for it to recharge.

You can alter the forms by tapping R1. The different forms allow you to utilize melee or gun form. When using gun form you have a limited amount of OP gauge. When it depletes you run out of gun form. Use melee attacks to restore your OP gauge.

Defeat the Aragami in the area and complete the mission.

God Eater 3 - Hugo

Shield Tests (Revised)

Once you’re done you’ll be brought back to the barracks where you can talk with some of the kids, including being introduced to Zeke.

When you get done talking with the kids you’ll need to start the next mission, which is the Shield Tests (Revised).

This mission will teach you some more of the basics, including how to block.

You can bring out your shield by pressing R1 + Circle.

Holding the shield in the direction of an enemy attack will block an incoming attack.

Tap the touchpad on the DualShock and use the R1 or L1 bumpers to cycle through the available items in your inventory.

You can also acquire additional items by scavenging around the play area and picking up resources and items.

After defeating the enemies the mission will end.

D7 Certification

During this mission you’ll learn how to utilize the devour ability.

To devour Aragami you use Triangle to charge up your main attack by holding down the face button. Releasing it will unleash a devour. You can then use R1 + Triangle as well.

After performing a devour, you’ll unlock the ability to utilize a burst strike by holding down square. Also, after defeating the Aragami, use the devour skill to acquire items from a fallen Aragami.

Engage License (Std)

After finishing the mission you can select the next tutorial mission from the terminal, which will teach you how to use the Engage connection.

As you get close to your teammate and the yellow meter fills up, activate the Engage connection by holding down L2 + R2.

Once you make the connection with Hugo and finish the tutorial, you’ll be able to move on to the next mission, which includes learning a little more about the sickly kid, Sho.

Malfunction Inquiry

The next standard mission is called Malfunction Inquiry. You can select it from the terminal. This mission is fairly simple and only requires you to defeat a handful of Aragami.

Once you complete the mission you’ll be ready for the next mission.

God Eater 3 - Tiddies

Density Rise

This mission will see both Zeke and Hugo joining you in battle. The other NPC teammates will defeat the baddies rather quickly, so you have to work fast.

At the end of the mission you’ll need to face off against a boss following a short cinematic involving an ash storm heading toward the port where the main character and the boy band members live.

The boss is definitely dangerous, but his pattern is focused on doing a lot of damage toward whatever is in front of him.

The best way to deal with him is to attack him from behind and stay at his tail end, as he won’t be able to do damage to you if you attack from behind.

Keep up your attack and maintain your movements to avoid being in front of the boss at any one time, otherwise you’ll take some mean damage.

Once you complete the mission you’ll be brought aboard the carrier owned by the tiddy monster, Hilda, which will be your new base of operations.

You’ll be able to carry out some new missions aboard the carrier as well as craft new weapons and items from the parts you’ve gathered from the missions you’ve completed.

Another cinematic will play, revealing the player-character as having a knack for resonance.

You’ll need to unlock the resonance to access new missions from the terminal. Once you’re ready, talk to the pink-haired girl to take on the next mission, which is a basic hack-and-slash mission where you just have to take out a few Aragami while collecting some items before the mission timer runs out.

Keep in mind that you’ll want to take advantage of the easy missions and stock up on supplies and resources while you can before you reach the bosses, which will absolutely give you a run for your money if you aren’t prepared.

As noted int he walkthrough videos above, take the easy missions as a sign of prep for the harder missions to come.


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