GRID Autosport For Nintendo Switch Features Motion-Control Steering, 2-Player Split-Screen

GRID Autosport

The Nintendo Switch has a solid library of racing games but not many realistic racing simulators. In fact, I think the only game that comes close to the sim category is Eden Games’ Gear.Club Unlimited series, which still veers more into the simcade category than a realistic racing sim. Well, Codemasters is hoping to change all of that with GRID Autosport, which is set to release on the Nintendo Switch starting this summer.

The game originally came out way back in 2014 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Feral Interactive’s simulator was designed around high-end touring cars with precision handling and a wide variety of realistic race tracks spread around the world.

The Nintendo Switch version retains the line-up of vehicles, adjustable controls, and tracks that were featured in the game when it originally released. In addition to this, Codemasters and Feral Interactive have also included all of the game’s DLC as well, bringing the total car count to 100, and the total track count to 100. You can check out the gameplay description trailer for GRID Autosport below.

Now the most exciting thing about the Switch version is the controls.

Players will be able to modify the controls using the custom controls setup exclusive to the Switch. This includes using the Joy-Cons in the traditional fashion where the left analog controls the car and the left and right triggers control the gas and brake. Alternatively, you can use the classic analog controls that were introduced way back with the original Gran Turismo, where the left analog controls the steering and the right analog controls the gas and the brake.

A slightly more unique combination is using the gyroscopic features so that tilting the Switch left or right will control the steering while the left analog works the brake and the right analog adjusts the acceleration, almost attempting to mimic the setup of a real life car.

GRID Autosport - Nintendo Switch Controls

And since you can take the Switch with you on the go, the final control option is to use the touchscreen to steer. I have no idea how well that would work out but the option is there for those who want to experiment with it.

In addition to this, the game also sports a destruction derby mode and a derby racing mode, along with the ability to go head-to-head against another player in the two-player split-screen mode with AI opponents, which is a rarity in most realistic racing games these days. Alternatively you can take your skills online and race against others via the online multiplayer mode.

As mentioned at the top of the article, you can look for GRID Autosport on the Nintendo Switch to launch this summer.

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