Jesus Strikes Back Alpha Release Delayed After Distributor Pulls Out
Jesus Strikes Back

After having their web provider abandon them, and payment processors take flight, the developers of Jesus Strikes Back ran into another recent problem with getting the alpha build up and out: the distributor that they partnered with bailed on them.

Over on the official Jesus Strikes Back website, there’s an update on the delay of the alpha build, which was originally supposed to be up and out back on January 15th, 2019.

On the website they explain the situation, writing…

“Jesus Strikes Back: Judgement Day is an upcoming video game parody which satirizes American political culture. The ALPHA version of JSB: JD was set to release on 01.15.19. Due to unforeseen circumstances however, a third party distribution service (who we will not name at this time) which we planned to use to aid us in distributing the ALPHA, have decided to pull out last minute. As soon as we secure a new distribution partner, JSB: JD ALPHA will be released to the public. While we cannot provide an exact release date for the ALPHA due to the nature of this issue, should we not find a new partner by the end of the month (January 2019), we will distribute the ALPHA ourselves through this website.”

They apologized for the delay in getting the game out but noted that registering for the newsletter would allow people to be notified as soon as the alpha build was made available.

Some of you might be wondering why they don’t just put up the game themselves and take PayPal payments for the game? Well, it’s because PayPal permanently banned them.

Jesus Strikes Back newsshots1-1024x502

This happened shortly after they managed to get their site restored after an Israeli hosting provider cut support for their website.

There was ample backlash to Jesus Strikes Back when it was first announced, with SJWs railing against the game and trying to get it deplatformed because it sees players taking on the roles of parodies of President Donald Trump, Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Putin, and Jesus Christ as they attempt to cleanse the world of Social Justice Warriors, Feminists, Globalists, and the main villain of the game… the RFNBGFPHB, also known as the Radical Feminist Non-Binary Gender Fluid Pansexual Humanoid Berserker.

Jesus Strikes Back - Gunning Down Radicals

The game itself is a third-person action game, and it’s been in development for a few months. The alpha was supposed to be out in the middle of January but we’ll see what the developers can scrounge together as they attempt to find a new payment processor and distribution partner.

For more info you can visit the game’s official website.


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