Jump Force Character Creator Includes Boob Slider For Females
Jump Force

One of the most important features in a character creation suite for any game is always going to be the boob slider. There is no such thing as a character creator being complete or even remotely respectable unless it has a boob slider. Well, I am grateful and honored to report that Spike Chunsoft has included a boob slider in the creation suite for the female characters.

A new video from the upcoming Jump Force was uploaded by YouTuber Keezus Khrist, which features nearly seven minutes of the character creation, and just 40 seconds in it covers the most important feature: the boob slider. You can check out the video below.

The slider is located just three tabs down on the right from where the “Body” category is located. These tabs include height, body type, chest, and skin color. After choosing how tall you want your gal to be, and what sort of body type she’s fitted with, you can then choose whether you want her to have pistols or bazookas dangling down on either side of her sternum.

Jump Force - Boob Slider

This allows you to choose whether you want to head into battle as the oftentimes classified-as-illegal body type that promotes flatness, or the equally reviled body type from Leftists that has the funbags protruding like fully deployed airbags from a steering wheel.

Now the rest of the video isn’t important at all, but if you were wondering what other options are present in the character creation suite, the video goes through the various hair-styles for the female characters, as well as some of the other customization options.

The video covers the different hairstyles, hair colors, the ability to add multiple tones to the hair, the eyebrow shape, the eyebrow color, the eyes, the eye color, the nose, face shape, and tattoos/paint.

While the art-style of Jump Force isn’t necessarily something a lot of fans like due to the way the characters are designed to look like their anime counterparts but with shaders, textures, and lighting that attempt to make them look like realistic plastic dolls, the custom characters don’t look that bad. In fact you can make some pretty cool looking characters with the options they have implemented.

Nevertheless, in today’s culture war where games are being neutered, cut down, censored, and banned when it comes to embracing the femininity and sexuality of female characters, it’s nice to see that Bandai Namco and Spike Chunsoft are still fighting desperately on the side of gamers, and more importantly, fighting to preserve hometown.

You can look for Jump Force to launch on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC starting February 15th, 2019.

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