Jump Force Gameplay Walkthrough
Jump Force Walkthrough

Bandai Namco and Spike Chunsoft’s Jump Force rolled out on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The game is a story-oriented crossover fighting game featuring many popular characters from various Shonen Jump properties, including Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece and Yu Yu Hakusho to name but a few. For those of you looking for a few tips on getting started, there’s a gameplay walkthrough available.

YouTuber Shirrako managed to put together a full 12 part walkthrough series for JUmp Force, which you can check out below.

The game starts with a cinematic sequence showing various places under attack and being destroyed by some tentacle monsters.

We then see Frieza leveling buildings in the city before various heroes go on the attack against him.

Once the cinematic ends and the game starts we see that Frieza and his foes are destroying the world. While the heroes are trying to stop him, Trunks attempts to revive the main character.

Here you get to create your main avatar.

You can choose between male or female, and three different styles of fighting.

Type A is a martial arts style that relies on martial arts to dish out damage to your opponents utilizing precision strikes and attacks.

Type B is a pirate style similar to Luffy from One Piece. You’ll rely on wide-sweeping attacks to damage foes and dish out damage to your opponents.

Type C is a ninja style similar to Naruto from the Naruto Shippuden series. The style of fighting is centered around quick attacks and using subversion to overcome your foes.

Once you select your fighting style you can then modify your character’s appearance, choosing from:
Right Pupil
Left Pupil
Mouthe & Jaw
Feature 1
Feature 2
and Voice.

Jump Force - Frieza

Prologue: Rebirth – and Controls

In the prologue, once the character creation process is complete your character will be reconstructed with some newb clothes.

You’ll be thrust into a fight pretty quickly as part of the tutorial. Press Square on the DualShock or ‘X’ on the Xbox One controller to perform basic rush attacks. Holding down Square (or ‘X’ on Xbox) will allow you to do strong smash attacks.

Holding up or down on the left analog while using the rush attack will allow you to perform high rush attacks or low rush attacks.

You can perform rushing heavy blows by tapping Triangle on the DualShock 4 or ‘Y’ on the Xbox One controller. You can also hold down Triangle to perform a charged heavy blow.

Tapping Circle on the DualShock or ‘B’ on the Xbox One controller will perform a grab move. X on the DualShock or ‘A’ on the Xbox One controller will perform a jump.

You can guard by pressing the right bumper and you can side-step by pressing left or right on the analog stick plus the right bumper. If you time it right you can counter attacks by pressing Square just as an enemy attacks or instantly dodge by pressing the right bumper as they’re attacking.

After the tutorial another cinematic will play, where Frieza leaves and the main player character is teleported back to the main Umbras Base headquarters.

The Director will give a rundown on how the worlds have come together and breaks the fourth wall by explaining that Shonen Jump’s comics have come to life and are helping to fight against the evil forces known as Venoms.

Once you get done listening to the rambling about the bad guys trying to reshape the world and how the Jump Force works, you’ll be able to engage in offline or online battles, as well as the story mode missions.

The hub world is setup identical to the way Dragon Ball Xenoverse was setup, insofar that the NPCs with missions are scattered around the hub and you can pick up new missions from them when they have the exclamation marks over their head.

Jump Force - Team Training

You can customize your character, abilities or gear by bringing up the menu or upgrade your character from the stalls located around the hub.

The mini-map in the corner of the screen will show you the points of interest you can visit, with the quest givers showing up as giant red exclamation marks.

First go talk to Naruto, and then go talk to Luffy, and then go talk to Goku. You can choose to join any of the three teams.

Once you talk to each of the three, go talk to the Director and let him know if you want to join Alpha, Beta, or Gamma team.

Once you join a team you’ll learn the more advanced combat techniques, including charge-ups, and chasing.

Use the left bumper to chase down an opponent and close the distance quickly. You can also use the left bumper to escape combos if you time it right while being attacked.

To use special moves you can use the right trigger to focus and charge up your energy. The four face buttons on the controller allow you to perform special moves based on the three types of fighting styles that you can assign your custom character.

Once you get done with the basic training, go talk to the Director and then go to the mission giver to start your first set of available missions.

You’ll be able to choose three teammates per mission.

The first mission is still a basic tutorial that teaches you how to use your abilities, as well as how to use your awakening. When you charge up you can press in the right analog stick to activate your awakening.

You can also learn how to switch your teammates by pressing the left trigger.

You can also perform team attacks by holding down the left trigger. You can only perform team attacks or switch teammates when the character icons in the top corner of the screen are highlighted. If the icon is faded out then it means that the character still has to cooldown.

Jump Force - Vegeta

Once you complete the training you’ll finally go on a real mission when you talk to the director. Other story missions will be located from the mission giver NPC as “Key Missions”, where-as side-quests and other trivial missions will be located in the “Free Missions” category. You’ll have to face off against Vegeta, who has been taking over by the Venoms. It’s very similar to the plot of Dragon Ball FighterZ actually.

The first fight is pretty simple. Take out the three Venoms and then fight Vegeta.

At the start of the fight you can throw him for a quick damage attack.

He blocks regularly and keeps his distance to zone you with projectiles, so it might be best to either pepper him with projectiles before he can charge up, or stay close and use grab moves.

Defeating Vegeta will unlock him as a playable character who can join your team.

The next main mission is to take down Ryo Saeba, the City Hunter, as he’s being controlled by that hot green chick, Galena.

Fighting Ryo isn’t that bad. He’s got only a few hard-hi8tting attacks, but since he has to rely on a pistol and his charged kick attacks, you can literally zone him out with long-range projectiles by keeping your distance and peppering him with attacks. He’s far weaker than the fight with Vegeta, which is kind of odd that they would have you fight Vegeta before Ryo.

Once you defeat Ryo he’ll join your team. The next mission in the list has you teaming up with Naruto’s son, Boruto.

The two of you will take on a possess Gon from Hunter X Hunter.

Gon isn’t very difficult at all if you’re playing as Boruto. You can string together some quick combos and use a smash attack to create distance and then follow it up with projectile attacks while he’s down.

It doesn’t take much to take down Gon. Once you do he’ll also join your team.

The next mission will take you to Paris where you’ll team up with Goro on a recon mission.

Jump Force - Galena

The mission is actually less recon and more just another standard fight against Hisoka. He’s a ninja-type so you can easily use the smash attacks to create distance and then use projectiles on him.

Defeating Hisoka will allow him to join your team.

In the next fight you’ll team up with Gaara to take on a possessed Jojo.

Jojo is a defensive melee fighter who relies on a lot of up-close attacks. Your best course of offense is staying close and using grab attacks when he begins to block.

While it might seem like projectile attacks would be useful, actually they’re not, since Jojo is very quick and he will use the chase tactic to dodge and close the distance while you attempt to spam projectile attacks.

Defeating Jotaro isn’t difficult if you rely on Gaara’s ability to control the distance and use your projectiles while Jotaro is recovering. Once he’s defeated he will join your team.

The next mission has you teaming up with Piccolo, where you must recruit a possessed Yusuke.

Yusuke relies a lot on side-stepping and dodging. Use the chase to hound him down and use combos on him. He’s extremely weak, actually since all he does is dodge most of the time.

Jump Force - Dai

The final mission in the starter missions involves teaming up with Sabo to take on Dai from Dragon Quest.

Dai relies on zoned attacks, including using mid-ranged projectiles. He’ll block many of your projectile attacks and counter when he gets a chance. If you see him blocking use the chase to close the distance and perform a grab to disrupt his projectiles.

If you create enough space you can safely launch your own projectile attacks against him without worrying about any issues.

Once again, Dai is a fairly easy opponent to dispatch.

After doing so you’ll meet Light Yagami and Ryuk during a cinematic before going on a mission with Yusuke to fight against more enemies.

The Venoms in the fight are actually stronger the last few main characters you fought against for recruitment purposes. They’ll attempt to be aggressive and pressure you. However, you can get them locked in a flurry by using basic rush combos and smash attacks while also preventing them from charging up.

You’ll also have to fight three more Venoms alongside Yusuke.


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