Mercedes Carrera, Former #GamerGate Supporter Arrested For Allegedly Molesting Child

Mercedes Carrera

[Update 2/9/2019:] Mercedes Carrera issued a statement regarding the matter, claiming that her ex-partner is the reason why she and her husband were arrested and that he claimed that the child was being abused in order to take custody of the kid.

[Original article:] Melinda Smith, better known in the adult entertainment industry as “Mercedes Carrera”, was arrested on February 5th, 2019 along with her boyfriend Jason Whitney, and charged for eight counts of committing sexually abusive acts on a child under the age of 10, as reported by the CBS Local News in Los Angeles, California.

According to the report from CBS, the police department stated that they were notified of the abuse, and that it had allegedly been going on for four months.

The article states…

“Last Friday, a search warrant served at their home uncovered evidence corroborating the girl’s statement, including a bedroom set-up where the couple could film and record various pornographic videos or web shows, methamphetamine and two loaded handguns, police said.”

The significance of this story here at One Angry Gamer is that we oftentimes cover sexual misconduct carried out by those who usually align with the anti-#GamerGate side.

However, in this particular case the alleged perpetrator is someone who has had a history of supporting #GamerGate, and was a very vocal and outspoken advocate for increased ethics in media journalism.

Even the Left-wing website, Right Wing Watch, had to concede that Mercedes Carrera participated in #GamerGate activities in lieu of wanting to see better ethics in media journalism.

However – and to no one’s surprise – Right Wing Watch’s Jared Holt engages in the exact kind of media falsehoods that people like Carrera had spoken out against during the height of the movement, as detailed in a video by David Pakman from 2015.

For instance, Holt attempts to rewrite history by explaining #GamerGate in the following manner…

“Gamergate was spawned by alleged concerns about “ethics in game journalism,” but quickly devolved into a cesspit of right-wing hysteria about “SJWs” (social justice warriors) that culminated in hyper-misogynistic harassment campaigns against women.”

A couple of things:

1 – Social Justice Warriors never went away. There is no “hysteria” about them, nor the victims whose lives have been ruined under the weight of their crusades. A perfect example of that is the SJW circles on social media who have managed to get voice actor Vic Mignogna kicked out of conventions and fired from voice acting based on unsubstantiated allegations and misrepresented information. The only hysteria there is from the side abusing the reach of social media to ruin someone’s life.

2 – Where are the records of the “hyper-misogynistic harassment campaigns”? Because according to the FBI report, only a handful of trolls were found to have engaged in targeted harassment that had anything to do with #GamerGate, and two of them were young teenage boys who only began harassing Brianna Wu because they saw the media’s misrepresentation of #GamerGate in the news as a harassment campaign and decided to act on that information. If anything, the media should be held responsible for encouraging the incitement of harassment based on nothing.

What’s funny is that according to Zoe Quinn’s anti-#GamerGate organization, Crash Override Network, they couldn’t find any harassment that people associated with #GamerGate committed against alleged victims like Anita Sarkeesian.

However, if Holt has evidence that CON, the FBI, and the WAM!, report somehow missed, he’s welcome to share it.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there is evidence that #GamerGate continued years after its inception to advocate for better clarity and transparency in media ethics, with some campaigns to the FTC being as recent as May, 2018, as cataloged by Kotaku In Action.

However, this didn’t detract from Holt’s attempts to smear Carrera’s relation to #GamerGate, regardless of the current allegations she’s facing, writing…

“Smith spent much of 2015 and early 2016 talking to media about her support for the anti-woman Gamergate propagators, decrying modern feminism and belittling women who sought to advocate for their interests in the tech industry. Her criticisms quickly earned her a favorable reputation in the Gamergate community.”

Actually, this wholly misrepresents Carrera’s stance on feminism. In fact, in Carrera’s own words, she explains why she had issues with pundits like Anita Sarkeesian and their take on modern feminism, expressing it in a video that was published on March 14th, 2015.

Nevertheless, Holt uses Carrera’s arrest to take digs at Conservatives, the Right, and #GamerGate. I do wonder what his thoughts are on Left-wing anti-#GamerGate journalists like Matt Hickey being sentenced to prison after raping women for over a decade? Or Left-wing journalist Juan Thompson being sentenced to jail for anti-Semitic terrorism and harassment? Or how about all of those people at Vice Media who were fired for sexually harassing and abusing women all while claiming to be anti-#GamerGate?

(Thanks for the news tip dwellman21)