Metro: Exodus Gameplay Walkthrough
Metro Exodus Gameplay Walkthrough

4A Games and Deep Silver’s controversial Metro: Exodus has finally released on Xbox One, PS4, and as a year-long exclusive on the Epic Games Store for PC. Despite all the hoopla over Deep Silver spurning Steam users like a lover scorned, there are still plenty of people willing to give the third outing in the Russian-themed post-apocalyptic thriller a chance. For those of you who need a little help in getting started, there are some gameplay walkthroughs available.

YouTuber MKIceandFire has a playlist covering the Metro: Exodus walkthrough from start to finish. You can check it out below.

Metro Exodus Controls

At the start of the game you’re able to choose whether or not you want hit-markers on for when you tag enemies with gunfire, subtitles, sign-subtitles, which kind of aim mode you would prefer to use and the difficulty setting.

The game starts with a cinematic to setup the story and recap how the world was destroyed in a nuclear holocaust. You’ll then transition into playing as Artyom, who is venturing through the tunnels.

You can interact with the environment by holding down ‘X’ on the Xbox One controller or Square on the DualShock 4.

You can open your inventory with the left bumper. You can activate the different items in your inventory corresponding to the digital pad.

You can replace your gas mask filters by pressing down on the digital pad. You can activate your flashlight or portable light source by pressing left on the digital pad. Pressing up on the digital pad will use the medkit.

Use the left bumper to wipe your mask when it gets dirty, fogged, or clogged with snow or soot.

Press in the right thumbstick to perform a melee attack

Follow the linear pathway through the tunnels and the subway car until you reach an area where a short quicktime event plays out against a mutant. Just up ahead there’s a desk with a note and a handful of shotgun shells on the desk.

Take the shells and continue through the subway until you reach a door – kill the mutant and quickly make your way through the door before you get overwhelmed by the mutants.

Metro Exodus - Anna

Once you make it through the door you’ll be greeted with a brief cinematic featuring Artyom’s hot wife, Anna.

Exit the infirmary once you get done examining the are and talking to the NPCs; another short cinematic will play and then Artyom and his hot wife Anna will be surveying the area from the rooftops. Follow Anna down through the buildings until you reach the clearing where you’ll engage with a few mutants.

Keep following Anna until you reach the outdoor area where a pack of mutants will travel through the streets. Hide behind the armored vehicle until the mutants pass by. If you come out from behind the armored vehicle the mutants will attack you and Anna – pepper them in the face to kill them quickly.

You’ll encounter yet another cinematic where Anna and Artyom get captured, and then Artyom gets shot in the face and left for dead in a bone pit, but somehow he lives thanks to plot armor. Grab the gas mask, and trek through the pit to get the two medkit packs to heal yourself from the gunshot wound.

Metro Exodus - Train Turntable

Keep following the linear path up to the tunnel and head inside the facility where the train is located.

Head through the tunnel and make a left when you get to the turntable where the train is located and follow the tunnel until you reach Yermak’s quarters. Yermak will guide you through the corridors via stealthing past the guards. Crouch and move slowly to avoid being spotted – head up the ladder and crawl across the grate until you reach the guy rummaging over the tool box. Use ‘X’ on the Xbox controller or ‘Square’ on the DualShock to silently take him down.

Next up you’ll need to utilize the distraction mechanic by grabbing some garbage and throwing it to distract the guard so you can proceed into the room and rescue Anna.

During the scuffle with the Commander, it’s revealed that they’ve been jamming all the communication signals going into and out of Moscow.

It’s revealed that a bunch of other people are alive and well outside of the Metro, just as Artyom had always believed.

After the cinematic ends you’ll need to sneak past the guards. You have the option of either killing them or stealthing past them. If you stay out of sight you can retain your ammo without getting into a firefight.

You can also make your way through the courtyard while Anna distracts the men. Head into the red door on the west side of the courtyard.

Inside the room you’ll find some throwing knives – which you can throw using the right bumper – along with some additional ammo.

Proceed into the turntable room where the train is located.

Metro Exodus - Stealth

You don’t have to get into the fight with the guards – you can sneak around and rescue Yermak by waiting for the guards to turn their back. Sneak past them until you reach a guard blocking the pathway – you can use the throwing knife to kill him in one hit.

Take out the other guard watching over Yermak underneath the light. A single knife throw will incapacitate him.

Free Yermak and make your way up the steps into the control room for the turntable. Kill the guards and you’ll find the switch for the turntable by the window. Kill the guards across from the control panel to trigger an explosion and then make your way back down to the train. Kill the guards and then help Anna use the red valve to release the brakes.

After another cinematic Artyom will have to sneak onto the enemy train with plastic explosives. After you take the gear exit the other side. You can choose to either knock out or kill the guard as you shimmy across the outside of the train. Continue to sneak through the train until you reach the area with the machine gun nest – storm the nest and kill the soldiers and then make your way down into the boiler room to plant the bomb and trigger another cinematic.

Metro Exodus - Saboteurs

Commander Miller reveals during the cinematic that the reason the jammers existed was because the war never ended, so in order to avoid another nuclear attack from the foreign enemies they used the jammers to pretend as if Moscow was completely destroyed and that no one had survived the attack.

When the jammer was destroyed it revealed that the Moscow denizens were still alive, which prompts Miller to take the remaining members of The Order to the “Ark”.
You’ll have to find the proper radio signal to cue the next cinematic. The signal is located at 359, 53, 28.40, as depicted in the image below.

Metro Exodus - Radio Signal

After you find the radio signal there’s yet more talking as Artyom gets to talk to the other members of the Aurora.

The only useful person to talk to is Tokarev, who will help repair and upgrade your weapons.

When you’re ready to start the next mission go over to the map and hold down ‘X’ on the Xbox controller or ‘Square’ on the DualShock 4.

The train will hit a roadblock and a cylinder will get pierced by some rag-wearing enemies.

You’ll gain access to the portable workbench via the backpack.

You can switch weapons or modify your gear by holding down the right bumper and switching through the available parts you’ve scavenged.

Follow Anna and you’ll be able to pick up a few supplies from a nearby abandoned train car. You can also finally quick-save the game by holding down the button to pause the game.

Make your way through the ruined docks, you’ll find some additional supplies, along with an automatic pistol near some dead buddies.

Once you get done scavenging the abandoned houses, you’ll find a boat by the docks.

Enter into the boat (or exit the boat) by pressing ‘X’ on the Xbox controller or Square on the Dualshock. You can move forward by pressing the right trigger or move backward with the left trigger.

You can either attempt to scour the area on your own time or follow Anna’s instructions and check out the bell tower where the mother and her daughter are attempting to escape from the village.

Several Paladins will begin to patrol the area. You can either avoid them and sneak past them, knock them out, or engage in a fire fight.

The save method is to avoid them and make your way down to the lower levels and you’ll find several Paladins patrolling the food supplies. Hide behind the brick wall and wait for the one Paladin to walk out of the room where the raw meat is being kept and you can either kill him or knock him out.

Head inside and then you’ll either need to kill the guards near the door or distract them and sneak past them. If you incapacitate the guard closest to the door on the upper level you can make your way outside on the opposite side of the boathouse.

Once outside there’s one more guard by the boat that you’ll need to commandeer in order to make your way back to land. However, some mutant crayfish will attack your boat – shoot your gun either into their head or into their rectum-shaped mouths.

A giant mutant whale-turd will also attack your boat. The cinematic will force you back to land after Duke helps you out.

Head south by southwest and then trek up the incline past the mutant lobsters to get back to the train tracks.

You’ll receive a new mission to head further south to investigate the port. Before you go you can get a new pneumatic rifle, which requires you to keep it pumped up to fire deadly shots. It’s a semi-automatic weapon so it fires as fast as you can squeeze the trigger. It takes a few shots to down mutants.

Once you get your equipment setup you’ll find need to head south to your objective. You’ll find a new pistol barrel inside the small shack by the edge of the hill just offshore the river, and slightly north of where the mission objective is located.

Some mutants will spawn and you’ll need to take them down while making your way to the house off the water.

Inside you’ll need to face off against some ravenous humanoid mutants. Get through the quicktime event and kill the mutant after it gets knocked out.

There are a few more mutants inside the house located in the basement area.

Once you get done with clearing out the underpass, there’s a ladder on the right side of the basement near the end of the corridor. Climb up, kill the mutants and then make your way up the steps.

Metro Exodus - Krest

Follow the steps over to the crane and make your way all the way to the top where you’ll meet Krest.

Krest will give you some binoculars as well as some info on the cultists.

You can also use his workbench to upgrade your gear.

Once you get done talking with Krest and upgrading your stuff, you can zipline back down to the house.

You’ll need to head back toward the Aurora after Anna disappears following her investigation of some radio towers. She’s actually not near the train but near the shack on the hillside by the water inside of a hole.

You’ll need to make your way around the sewer, killing the mutants and attempting to find a way out. A good way to conserve ammo is to use your throwing knives whenever and wherever possible, as you can save on ammo by using your throwing knives.

You’ll need to head around the tunnels until you reach the breaker box where you’ll need to charge it up and turn the power back on. You’ll find it in the tunnel just past the part where you’ll face off against three mutants in the room.

Metro Exodus - Breaker Box

After you turn the power back on make your way around to the other side and follow the pathway to the exit.

Following the cinematic, trek back to the Aurora and talk to Miller.

Your next mission is to head to the terminal and use the breaker that Krest gives you to retrieve the carriage car for the train in order to rescue the civilians from the fanatics.

The next mission is actually quite a ways away and you’ll also have to visit a few of the points of interests in between along the way. Since it’s on the complete other side of the map, and it takes place at night, the difficulty is definitely ramped up, so be sure to bring plenty of ammo and supplies, and always use stealth where possible while trekking through the dangerous parts of the map.


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